Sunday, February 26, 2012


I'm sure one day when he's older, Owen will hate me for posts like this one....
but I just couldn't resist!

A month or so ago I bought Owen some new socks and after we took them off, they left lots of toe fuzz behind. Tony and I were making a big deal about it and now we have created a monster! Owen is now obsessed with toe fuzz....when you take off his socks, he will scourer his toes for any remnants of the stuff. It is actually quite hilarious...Tony has had to carry him into the bathroom bent in half picking toe fuzz so he can take a bath on some evenings. We thought this obsession would fade, but it is still going strong after a few we decided to snap a few pictures to commemorate the obsession for good blackmail material for when he is older:)

Getting ready to take off the socks...funny thing is, these
are the actual socks that started the whole thing:)

Inspecting for fuzz...
Like I said.....I just couldn't resist:)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Goodnight Daddy

Tony was gone all last week for a work trip. He got to go to I'm not sure that I would call it all bad:) I decided after 2 nights of him being gone that I would send him a picture of Owen sleeping as a good night text. Is there really anything better than a baby (I have to use that term loosely now!) sleeping?

Night 1

Night 2
Night 3
Night 4

Waiting for Daddy at the airport:)
We're glad that Daddy is home...we missed him!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Regimen

The new regimen of vitamins has begun! We both started at the beginning of the month and are hoping that this helps in the quest for baby #2.

Here is the list of what we are taking this time:
  • Udo's Blended Oil and Nutra Sea Oil-These are two liquid oils that we mix with cranberry juice every morning.
  • Vitamin D3-just me
  • Cinnamon (it is a natural insulin sensitizer)-just me
  • Vitamin B Complex-both
  • High Dose Anti-Oxidant-both
  • L-Carnitine-just Tony
I guess only time will tell......

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Teeth 17 and 18

I have been forgetting to post about his 2 year molars! After what seemed like months of chewing on his fingers, Owen officially has his bottom 2 year molars! (only about a month and half late on the post!!) I'm not sure when the top two will be in. I check every once in a while when I'm feeling brave enough to stick my fingers in the back of his mouth, but so far nothing on the top. He winces a little when we brush his teeth up there and he still chews a little at who knows when they will actually be in:)