Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Final Week

This is my final week off before returning to work next week:( It seems like only yesterday we were bringing our little man home and that I had a long time off with him before I had to go back.....but it has been slowly creeping up on me. I have enjoyed my time getting to know my little guy. I have to admit at times I think I might be ready to go back and have some regular adult conversation throughout the day, but I know I won't be thinking that when I am actually away from him! So, I plan on soaking up my time with him during this last week and not sharing him too much:) He has been having more awake periods which is nice to enjoy this past week or so--he is beginning to develop his personality and voice.

Now to the subject of who will watch him when I do go back to work next week. Well, I think I was about 8 weeks pregnant when I went out to eat with my parents and my mom mentioned that she wanted to retire early and stay home with him. I kind of laughed it off, not really thinking that she was serious. She kept telling me that she was.....so finally when I was about 1/2 way through the pregnancy I really talked with her about it and she told me that she was serious and that she was really looking forward to it. That was a huge relief for Tony and I to know that he would be cared for by someone who loves him! I won't have to sit and worry that he isn't getting the attention that he needs when he needs it! So this week we have been gathering items to take and leave at grandma's while she is watching him....which is a lot of stuff-hopefully she has room:)

Hard to believe that he will be 8 weeks on Saturday! Where has the time gone? I will try to post some new pics soon.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

To BC or Not?

So yesterday was my 6-week post-partum check up with Dr. B. It is hard to believe that all of this happened 6 weeks ago! In one sense it seems like he has been here forever--like he was meant to be--and in the other sense it seems like only yesterday! When Dr. B walked into the room she said it was hard to believe that it had been 6-weeks already--that surely I was there for some other appt:) She checked me out and said that I looked much better than her expectations at this point in my recovery. As she so eloquently stated--your delivery was Hell and you look very good considering--hmmm, guess it was pretty bad if the doctor is saying that!! Still a little tender and not totally healed, but no more appointments unless I feel that something is still wrong in a couple of weeks. Unfortunately she realized at the end of my appt that I hadn't had a pap smear since Aug '08--that means an annual in another month--what fun! I also had to get a pertussis vaccine (whooping cough) before I left....oh and I get to stop my Lovenox injections! What will I do without a shot to take everyday??

So now to the big question.....at the very end of the appt Dr. B brought up Birth Control and what did I want to do about it. I kind of looked at her dumbfounded....was she serious? With everything that we went through to get pregnant did she really think that I needed BC? She reminded me that for several people they end up being much more fertile after finally getting pregnant, so that was something that I needed to keep in mind. I still didn't know what to say! Tony and I have discussed that we aren't ruling out more (although I think he is fine with 1 considering how my last labor and delivery went--can't say I disagree right now!!), but we are just fine with Owen at the moment! I asked her what she would recommend....she said that because of my APA syndrome that The Pill would not be something that I could take anymore, so right now she would recommend the DepoProvera shot. She cautioned that this sometimes has a longer lasting effect and could cause some people to take a little longer to get pregnant.....well we finally decided that we should think about it and then we could talk at my next appt in a month....so that is the question.....BC or no BC?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My boys:)

Wanted to post a few new pics of our little guy. He had some "hang time" with daddy and Tasker this weekend. They read books and played with toys while mom finished vacuuming the house on Saturday.

Hanging out with his caterpillar on his new favorite cubby blanket!

My cute boys:)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


So today was a bit of a rough day for our little man. He had a rough night of sleep--grunted throughout the whole night and never really rested well.....so the whole day when he woke up to eat--it was very hard to keep him awake to nurse because he was so tired. This made for a long day! When I would get him to sleep, he wouldn't stay asleep very long, so mommy and baby were pretty tired. Finally this afternoon I got him to sleep and just let him rest on my chest while I rested in the recliner--he finally was able to sleep for while and I got a little bit of rest too. I'm always afraid to let him sleep on mine or Tony's chest or holding him too much--don't want him to turn into a baby that never wants to be put down or won't sleep in his bed because everyone holds him......but at times we make an exception and today was definitely one of those days--for my piece of mind:) We have also been using gas drops today.....not sure if they are helping or not, but we are trying! Here's to a better night of sleep:)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Oh Yeah--What About the Baby?!

So I realized at the end of last week that I had a dentist appointment today at 11:10 (actually it was when they called to remind me of my appointment!!)--no big deal right--well, what about the baby? Was I going to take him and hope that he didn't wake up when the hygienist was cleaning my teeth? I really wasn't sure that I wanted to take that chance so that meant that I was going to have to leave him--but with who? Hmmm....I asked Grandpa Steve if he was working--often times his work schedule is a little random lately--of course he was working-everyone that we know works on Mondays--several people have the end of the week off, but not the beginning. So I sent a text to Cousin Alyssa to see if she was back in school or working on Monday morning......and Alyssa to the rescue! She was happy to come over for an hour or so to watch him--doesn't hurt that he is the cutest baby ever:) He did fine while I was gone--of course with a great babysitter--and I didn't miss him too much:)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Pediatrician Appt Update

Owen went to his pediatrician appt this morning and here are the results:

Weight: 9lbs 10 ozs
Height: 22 inches

He is in the 50%tile for all of those measurements, so we are very pleased with those results! He doesn't go back again until he is almost 2 months old.....which I'm sure will be here before I want it to be!

Overall things have been going very well. He has been nursing exclusively during the day--no supplementing with formula, well unless he acts really hungry which hasn't happened much this week. When Daddy gets home from work he usually feeds him with a bottle a few times during the evening. Generally the first one or two is of breast milk and the last one before bed is usually formula. I pump during the evening hours to stock up for the next nights bottles:) Since we have been on this new routine, he has generally been sleeping between 4 and 5 hours for his first stretch and then about 2 1/2 to 3 hours for his second stretch. It has been really nice for me since I am the one doing the nighttime feedings right now:) He is definitely a growing boy--which works for all of us! I can't believe that he will be 5 weeks old tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

1 Month

Here is a pic of our little guy doing his newest thing--smiling! Can't believe he has been here a month already! Time is flying by! We grow more in love with him everyday and can't believe how much he is growing! We go back to the pediatrician on Friday for a check-up, so I will post his stats after that appointment. He has been doing well with his sleeping and eating--hopefully I didn't just jinx myself for tonight:) He loves the water, especially taking showers with daddy. He is really close to finding his voice and talking--right now it is kind of random, but we know it will be soon. Can't wait to see what the next month brings!

2009-Oh the Places We've Been 2010-Oh the Places We'll Go

When I look back at 2009, so much happened it is hard to imagine at times. I know when the year started I would have never in my wildest dreams believed that we would have a perfect little baby in our lives when it ended. I know I've mentioned this before, but Tony and I were basically to the point of believing that it would only be the two of us as we continued down our path in life. We were ok with that, but of course dreamed about the baby that we had wanted for so long--we just assumed it would always be a dream. I knew that I would probably go through 2 more IVF cycles (what was covered by insurance-although by no means free!!) and then when those were done we would grieve and move on with our lives. We actually even went and got our passports because we were already planning a trip to Mexico over the summer-why would we think that we would be pregnant by then? Then that magical cycle in March came around and it actually worked! I was pregnant! I never thought that I would say those words or get to experience pregnancy, but now I was!

The rest of 2009 seems like a blur now! People always told me that pregnancy went by quickly so I needed to enjoy it--now I know they are right. It seems like only yesterday that Tony and I were buying 2 different pregnancy tests in one day to see if my numbers were rising enough to be detected by them, trying not to get our hopes up in case things didn't turn out the way we wanted them to. Then seeing the little heart flickering on the US machine for the first time, seeing tears in Tony's eyes as we realized that our dream might finally be coming true! Overall I had a great pregnancy, only a few problems with back pain, but when I look back over it-seemingly perfect. Yes the twice weekly doctor's appts got a little draining towards the end, but when all is said and done--very worth it! Then the crowning moment of the year came on Dec. 5th at 5:19pm when Owen Anthony came into the world! Again seeing the tears in Tony's eyes (yes I know your allergies were bad that day!) when he saw his son for the very first time-who could ask for a better end to the year than that?!?!

Now as I look forward into 2010 I only see bright spots and good times. We now have this perfect baby boy who we will get to see grow-up (although hopefully not too quickly!!). We will get to experience all of his milestones together--already had his first smile on New Year's Day! I can't wait to see as his personality develops and he finds his voice! It is already hard to believe that he has been with us for 1 month-time is really flying by quickly now. Everyday he is changing and growing and as each day turns into a week, which turns into a month, it will be amazing to see him through them all. One major milestone for Tony and I will happen this year as well--we will celebrate our 10-year wedding anniversary in June! Hard to believe that it has been 10 years--seems like only yesterday that we were getting engaged! In my mind, 2010 will be our best year yet--our first one as a family!