Sunday, February 21, 2010

Who's Your Daddy?

So, many people have said from the beginning that the baby looked like Tony....Tony wasn't so convinced. Well that was until we got these pictures from his dad! Now he agrees, Owen definitely looks like his daddy! Just thought that I would post one of the pictures that changed Tony's mind.....what do you think?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

O Canada!

It is in honor of the Olympics and Grandpa Steve that I make this post.....I must give a little bit of information for some of you to understand:) When we wouldn't tell anyone the name of the baby before he was born, many people began coming up with their own little nicknames, one being Grandpa Steve. Tony and his dad (Grandpa Steve) have always enjoyed watching and playing hockey, but most of all they love the Canadian National Anthem. They always sing it, and we have gone to Rivermen hockey games when Canadian teams are in town just so they can hear it and sing along:) Well Grandpa Steve thought that we should name the baby Canada--he would have his own theme song was the main reason! So for Christmas, Owen got a Canada ornament, flag and outfit from Grandpa Steve and Grandma Carol. He was finally able to fit in it, just in time for the Olympics:) One of the best things is that hockey is one thing that Owen is entranced with on TV--I think it is the huge white screen with little specks moving across it, Daddy and Grandpa think it is because they instilled a love for the game in him:)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

One Pair At a Time

I think one of the hardest things after having a baby (well besides the obvious lack of sleep, total changes in your life, etc.) comes in the area of clothes. We spend the first few months waiting for that bump to appear and are excited to go out and find all of the cute maternity clothes that will cover it up for the last several months. Then comes you want to be done with those clothes with the extra room in them, but unfortunately they are the only things that fit and are comfortable:( I do have to say that I loved my below the waist maternity pants for those first few weeks after he was born! Nothing like a little elastic to make you feel like a normal person again:) Shirts were another story though....your old shirts still don't fit because of the extra "stuff" in the middle area and then the growth in the bust size is another issue--well at least for me since I didn't have much to start with, so any growth made a big difference!

Finally I decided that the maternity pants were not going to cut it anymore, but when I tried on my old pants it was a no-go on getting them buttoned! I headed out to buy some "transition" pants and to get a few new shirts with a little extra room in them. These pants were good for another couple of weeks or so, but then they were starting to wear a little big--I just wasn't sure if I could fit into my old pants. I had slowly been transitioning my maternity clothes out of my closet and replacing them with my pre-pregnancy items, but the pants were still sitting on top of the tote staring at me.....would I ever be able to fit in them again? So last weekend I decided I would pick up a few pairs and try them on. I told myself that I wouldn't get discouraged if I couldn't get them buttoned (yeah right--but it was a good thought!!). So I tried one pair of jeans on.....and they fit! I couldn't believe it! I ran out into the living room and proudly showed them off to would have thought that I had on something really expensive or rare--nope just an old pair of jeans:) I decided to stop while I was ahead and didn't try on another pair--was just going to go on with the day..... Last night I decided I would try another pair-and they fit! So I am slowly regaining my old wardrobe, one pair at a time:) I did finally put all of my old pants in the closet and put everything else--including my transition pants--back in the tote and now they are going downstairs.

Maybe I'll try another pair tonight--our first date alone since Owen was born:) And yes, I know I have been slacking with the pictures! I will get one up soon.

Friday, February 5, 2010

2 Months

Owen had his 2-month doctors appointment yesterday. They were running behind in the office, so it stunk having to wait, but here are his new stats:
Height: 23 1/4 inches
Weight: 11lbs 8 ozs
Both of those measurements are in the 50%tile, so he is growing perfectly! He also was up for some of his immunizations. We spoke with the doctor about it, he could have gotten 3 shots and 1 oral, but we chose to just do 1 of the shots. It was one of the combined shots that had like 3 different things in it, so I thought that was enough for one sitting. It was very heartbreaking to hear him cry when he received it--definitely a different cry when he is hurting. Guess the only good thing is that we hadn't heard that cry yet.....Tony asked if I wanted to wait outside-for the nurses safety:) We will go back in 4 weeks to get the other 2 shots....haven't decided about the oral one yet.

On another note, we got the ok to put 1 tsp of rice cereal in his nighttime bottle to help with spitting-up......he slept the whole night!....well 7 hours, but we'll take it. Not sure if it was the cereal or the shot....guess we'll see tonight!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


So today is my 2nd day back at work....and I'm surviving:) I didn't think it would be as hard to leave as it was! I teared up a little bit as I left my parents house yesterday..but didn't cry! This morning was a little easier, although still hard. Probably the biggest adjustment is figuring out the timing of everything, which all depends on how he sleeps the night before! Over the weekend he had been sleeping at 5, almost 6 hour clips during the night, but of course on Sunday night he decided to sleep only 3 hours, which meant I was up twice during the night--yuck! Last night he was close to 6 hours, with only 1 night time feeding. So, needless to say I am a much more "with it" person today! My schedule is different everyday, so some mornings I can be a little more behind than other mornings, but until he gets on a more regular sleeping schedule we'll probably have to just take it day by day:) It still seems to take me longer than I think to get out the door....tomorrow morning I have an 8 AM meeting 45 mins from home.....hopefully I will be on time:)

Owen of course did fine for grandma and grandpa yesterday! Oh, did I forget to mention that grandpa is taking this week off too? Well, he is staying home to help out grandma who decided to go skiing--which lead to falling and breaking some ribs a couple of weeks ago. Yep-she did! Even when the last thing I said to her before she left was, "Don't break anything, you have a baby to start watching in 2 weeks!!" She didn't listen:) We think she is on the mend....waiting until tomorrow to see if I need to have a back-up plan for next week:) They have all been having a good time together though, so I guess there is some good coming from the situation.

Well, lunch is almost over...time to get back to work!