Friday, February 5, 2010

2 Months

Owen had his 2-month doctors appointment yesterday. They were running behind in the office, so it stunk having to wait, but here are his new stats:
Height: 23 1/4 inches
Weight: 11lbs 8 ozs
Both of those measurements are in the 50%tile, so he is growing perfectly! He also was up for some of his immunizations. We spoke with the doctor about it, he could have gotten 3 shots and 1 oral, but we chose to just do 1 of the shots. It was one of the combined shots that had like 3 different things in it, so I thought that was enough for one sitting. It was very heartbreaking to hear him cry when he received it--definitely a different cry when he is hurting. Guess the only good thing is that we hadn't heard that cry yet.....Tony asked if I wanted to wait outside-for the nurses safety:) We will go back in 4 weeks to get the other 2 shots....haven't decided about the oral one yet.

On another note, we got the ok to put 1 tsp of rice cereal in his nighttime bottle to help with spitting-up......he slept the whole night!....well 7 hours, but we'll take it. Not sure if it was the cereal or the shot....guess we'll see tonight!

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  1. Jen - wanted to let you know I approve of your immunization plan for Owen. I had my sister split up the girls' shots and plan on doing the same for my little one. Their little bodies are just too small to handle that much at once, in addition to the possible link to autism. Way to go in sticking up for your little guy!

    Do we get to see a 2 month pic of him?