Wednesday, December 12, 2012

3 Year Stats

We just got home from Owen's 3 year check-up appointment with the pediatrician.  He is growing well and there are no concerns related to his general development..which is good!  I did question the pediatrician again about how he is digging/itching his ears all the time.  He assured me after checking them that they were fine.  Both canals looked good, though there was some ear wax in each of them.  He even checked the pressure and fluid level in his ears with a tympanogram.  He said that the left ear had a little bit of pressure, but that it was nothing to warrant any sort of intervention at this we still have no explanation as to why he is itching his ears all the time.  I'm beginning to wonder if it has become a habit of some sort....who knows though.... are his stats:
Height: 39 inches-90%
Weight: 32 pounds-50%

Definitely no concerns with those:)  He is going to be a tall skinny boy!  We are finally going to move him to 2% milk too.  He is definitely a growing boy:)

Saturday, December 8, 2012

3rd Birthday Celebrations

Well...finally the birthday celebrations are over.  When all was said and done, Owen ended up with 4 parties!  It is crazy...with big families and scheduling conflicts, it was the way things ended up this year.  We thought about combining two (Tony's family and friends) but if we had it at our house it would be packed and it was just not quite enough people to justify renting a place....but we may consider it next year...I am pooped!  Every party was a pirate theme, so at least we could reuse some of the decorations:)  He was all about singing happy birthday, blowing out the candles, and licking the cakes!

Party 1:
Was at my mom's house for that side of the family.
My aunt made him an awesome pirate ship cake!  It had Jake, Captain Hook and the Tic Tock Croc:)  He loved it!  Action shot of him blowing out the candles!

Opening presents.

My brother and sister-in-law got him a chainsaw.  He kept walking around saying "I'm a sawing man!"
Party 2:
Was at our house for Tony's family.
I bought the cake for this party...notice the finger:)

Dalton and Owen having a good time....notice the blue lips!

He got a he was helping Daddy and Nick put it together.

Putting his new cape to good use:)  He got the hang of the scooter pretty quick!
Party 3:
Was at my great aunts house.  She does parties for all the kids and even some adults!  It is a tradition:)
This is the best picture of the cake.  It's a pirate:)  Notice the hand trying to keep his fingers out of the cake!

He got a Jake computer!  He is all about the pirates!
Party 4 (the final one!!):
Was at our house for friends!  Just about everyone has kiddos now...or are about to have them!  Seriously just about every one of our friends is pregnant or just had a baby.  I tried to throw my first "theme" party...and I even made the cake:)
First the kiddos made "treasure maps."  Every pirate has to know where to find the treasure!
Notice the 3 preggos too!
Then they decorated treasure chests.  Every pirate needs a place to put their treasure:)

Next they got to dig for treasure:)  I borrowed a rice bin from one of my occupational therapy friends to "bury" their treasure in.  This is Owen and Leah looking for treasure:)
Owen and Jackson digging:)

My big 3-year-old boy with his cake:)  Daddy helped with the skull and crossbones and mommy did the rest.  We think it turned out cute...and he knew what it was, so that was all that mattered!
 I again can't believe that my baby is 3!  The time seriously does thing I know I'll be posting about his 4th birthday:(

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Third Letter

Dear Owen,
I cannot believe that you will be 3 tomorrow!  Where has the time gone?  It seems like every year of your life has gone faster than the previous one...and I want them to slow down!  You are definitely a little boy now and not so much a baby anymore.  You are potty trained (although you still have an accident every now and then) and talking up a storm.  It's getting harder for me to remember you as a baby and you remind me almost daily that you are "getting bigger":)  You are definitely a "momma's boy" and I can't tell you how happy that makes me, but sometimes it makes daddy sad when you choose me over him.  I love to hear your little voice call my name because it reminds me that you do still need me.  Your daddy and I talk almost everyday about how happy we are that you are in our lives.  Daddy tells me often that he is so glad I was persistent in our efforts to bring you into our lives because he can't imagine our life without you in it, and I have to agree.  I can't believe how much joy you have brought us in 3 short years and I can't wait to see what is still in store for us.  You are everything (and more) that I could have ever hoped, wished, or dreamed for.  Thank you for completing my life.
I love you so much!