Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Go Blue!

So I finally remembered to snap some shots of him in his Michigan T-shirt! So far, their season is going better than the Bills.....so we can hold onto that for now:)

Hammin' it up!

Now I've got the remote! One of my favorite
things that I'm NOT supposed to have!
Sorry Aunt Mindy and Uncle Bill!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

What am I thinking!?!?

So....remember a few months back when I posted about Tony running in the "Warrior Dash?" It was that 5K race with several obstacles along the way......well I'm not sure what I was thinking when I agreed to run in a similar race called the "Monster Dash" next weekend!! Now that it is just a week away, I'm getting a little nervous! Anyone who knows me, knows that long distance running is definitely not my forte......but when I saw Tony and our other friends run in Warrior Dash it did look like fun......but I'm wondering if it looked fun because I wasn't actually doing it:) We have been working out regularly and I've stepped up my running.....even running across town to my mom's and Tony's aunt's houses......but there is just no way to simulate 14 obstacles along the way.......I hope I can do it! Tony had to promise me that he wouldn't leave me behind since this would be my first one! I'll have to let you know how it all ends up.....

Here's a link to the event page.....Monster Dash.....if you want to check out the course.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I Believed

Last night my mom and I went to Peoria because Dr. Sher was in town and was going to have an infertility seminar. Yeah, I know I already know all about it, but he is such an interesting man to hear speak and I also wanted to meet the new doc, Dr. Horowitz. The seminar started at 7, but they wanted people to be there by 6:30 to register.....we really weren't in too big of a hurry because the last time Dr. Sher was in town, there were only like 30 people at that seminar. We got there about 6:35 and I would say that the room was pretty much full! I asked one of the nurses and she said that they had over 100 people register!! I wasn't sure if it was solely to hear the two doctors speak or the possibility of winning a free IVF cycle, but the room was definitely packed. We even overheard some people say that they had come from the suburbs--Wow! It was an enjoyable experience and I think I always learn something new when I hear the Drs. speak. I didn't win the free cycle, but the new doc seems very knowledgeable and very personable.....now the only question is will he still be there when/if we decide to go for #2:)

They also debuted the new SIRM theme song, "I Believe." My mom and I enjoyed it, although some may need a tissue after watching. You can check it out here. I believed.... and now the precious boy that I waited for is finally here.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Vacation Over!

Vacation? What vacation? Haha, well my vacation from AF!!! It had been a long 18 months (with a little episode there after birth....but that doesn't really count!) since my monthly visitor had appeared, but alas....no more:( I didn't think I would with being on the mini-pill, but she reared her ugly head again at the end of last week. I talked with the nurse this morning and she said that it was probably because of Owen needing less milk....boo! I guess that just means that my little guy is growing up:( It was a nice vacation......one that I look forward to enjoying again!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Daddy's Turn

So I was just looking back through my posts to see when I made one about Owen saying Momma.....couldn't find one! Huh, well he started saying momma at about 7 months. Very exciting for me. Since then, we have been diligently working on daddy getting his turn.....it has been a long wait, but it's finally over! As we were playing with him yesterday, we thought that we heard it a few times but we weren't sure. Well, our questions were definitely answered when our happy boy woke up and all we heard was dadadadadadadadada! What is cool is that Tony is usually the one who gets him up (on the weekdays at least!!) so he was calling for dada:) Congratulations Daddy!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


I'm not sure how things are at your house, but at mine....It's time for some Football! Saturday's are spent watching the University of Michigan--Go Blue!!--and Sunday's are saved for the Buffalo Bills! This weekend we got to celebrate on Saturday, but not on Sunday:( Oh well, we're used to it, unfortunately!

Daddy, Grandpa Steve, and Owen.

Watching the game with Daddy!

I forgot to snap pictures on Saturday.....will try to remember next week!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tooth #5

Tooth #5 had made its appearance! We figured it was on the way due to his increase in crabbiness these past few nights and tonight during his bath, I caught sight of it. It is on his lower left side. Hmm, wonder which one will be next?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Liking Me Again.....

When you struggle with infertility, you begin to really question who you are. Why is this happening? What's wrong with me? Why does my body have so much crap wrong with it when it comes to baby making? and the list could go on and on. After trying for so long, it becomes difficult to look at yourself in the mirror at times.....I was disgusted with myself! I would have to say that I lapsed into a little depression....I was letting myself go. I didn't really care how I looked, why should I try? All I wanted was a baby and because I was beginning to think that I would never have it, it was getting really hard for me to think positive about a lot of things......

Then, I did get pregnant.....of course it wasn't easy. I had to continue with daily shots and monthly infusions, but I was beginning to feel myself turning around. I was happy, I wanted to be healthy, I cared how I looked (well as much as you can with a belly!!). My body could actually handle being pregnant with nearly no issues.....who would've thunk it? I truly enjoyed being pregnant and now looking back, I miss it! There is a teacher that I work with who is due around the same time I was.....I told her last week that I was jealous of her because I missed it:)

Then came the fateful induction.......I truly believed that it would be easy for me...WRONG!! The whole delivery experience itself was not very pleasant, even though I desperately wanted it to be! I feel sad sometimes because the moments right after birth are so hazy for me. I've spoken to other women who say the same thing, so I know I'm not the only one....but seriously, couldn't I remember every single detail to savor?!?!

Then it took so long for me to recover, heck I'm still recovering:) I struggled with anxiety and depression after delivery, one bout that actually sent me back to the hospital. I went on anti-depressants to help get me through those first several months....I'm off of them now, but I want others to know that it is ok to admit that you need some help:) Can you see why I miss being pregnant??:)

Now....now I feel good:) I'm in a better place mentally, physically, and emotionally. It may have taken some time and I may have had some trials along the way, but I like me again:)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

9 Months

I know I say this with every "monthly" post, but I just can't believe that he is 9 months old already! Where has the time gone? It is so crazy how fast it goes! So here is our update:)

Teeth: We are holding at 4. He has his two top and two bottom ones. He is still constantly chewing, so I know there will probably be some more soon. He has started to do some biting, especially on your shoulder when he is being held....we're working on that one:) I don't want him being the boy in preschool who is known as the biter!

Sleeping: Overall he has been doing pretty well. He sleeps between 9-10 hours a night, although sometimes on Saturday morning I wish he would sleep just a little bit longer:) 5 o'clock is really early when you don't have to get up for work:) He is still taking his two naps during the day, so that is good as well.....I know, I shouldn't complain! I couldn't imagine if he was still waking up in the night on a regular basis! Oh, and I keep forgetting to mention that we have had to switch to nighttime diapers....he kept wetting through. The sad thing is that the smallest size they come in are size 4's....He is still wearing size 3's though during the day, and I'm just fine with that!

Eating: He is still mainly eating the food that I have made for him, although we have started to increase the amount.....it seems like he is constantly waiting with his mouth open for more bites! He has also become increasingly interested in what we are eating...watches very intently as we bring food to our mouths. We figure this means he is ready to start taking some bites of table food, so we have slowly been introducing him to things that we are having at dinner. Usually we feed him his dinner and then give him some small bites of things to try from what we are having. He's tried green beans (seems to like those from the table better than those I made as baby food), blueberry muffins, chicken and noodles, mashed potatoes and bread to name a few. Mostly he has liked them, although some still have a weird texture for him to tolerate. We figure a little at a time will be the way to go with that. I also got a little worried that we weren't giving him enough finger foods in order to practice his pincer grasp (teacher coming out in me!!) so we also introduced the "puffs" for him to try. After only a week or so, I can really tell how much better he is getting at feeding himself...with the pincer grasp of course:)

Mobility: He is still crawling everywhere! He pulls up like a pro and is beginning to cruise around the furniture. We aren't encouraging the cruising too much.....we're just fine with where he is at now:) We've also noticed that when he sits back down, he doesn't just plop to the ground on his bottom, he now bends down and is much more efficient about the process. In the last couple of days he has even bent down, picked something up, and then stood back up.....we know it won't be too much longer until he just takes off walking! Also, with the new found bravery has come some bumps and bruises. He took his first chin to the coffee table which resulted in a bloody shoulder for mommy's shirt. He handled it like a pro and only bled for a minute, in fact I couldn't tell if it was a lip or a tongue! We now regularly keep the cat food bowl and dog water bowl up out of reach.....otherwise we have a huge mess! We've started putting cabinet locks on the important ones....so that means every time I go to get out the windex, the cabinet slams back closed because I keep forgetting that they are on now!! Still no baby gates, but lots of keeping doors closed:)

Talking: Over the last couple of weeks he has really found his "voice." He has been able to say "momma" for a while now, but we are still working on "dada." He has recently started shaking his head no--which is not really something that we worked on, but I guess it tells you how much he has seen it happening! He is also doing a lot of jibber-jabbing, which is so fun to hear...he really wants to tell you what is on his mind at times! He is also saying what sounds like "up." We may just be projecting for that one, but that is what we think it sounds like.....although he says it all the time, not just when he wants up:)

It is such a wonderful experience to see him reach all of these new milestones, sometimes it seems within days of each other! It is still hard to believe at times that he is "ours" but believe me, we enjoy him every minute!

Now for the pics!
Enjoying his first blueberry muffin!

Chillin' after his bath in his favorite cookie monster towel:)

Mommy gave him reign over the "Tupperware
cabinet." He has a blast playing with
everything, especially making noise!!

Oh, this cat food wasn't for me to play with?

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Following Eve

I thought I would take this time (yes 2 posts in 1 evening!!) to introduce some of you to a blog that I have been following for a while. She is one of the many "posters" on the SIRM website and I happened upon her blog address and took a look. She instantly grabbed my attention--she is a much better writer than myself!!--and just recently (ok about a month or so ago) she was chosen as one of the top ten blogs to read by blogher, conceive magazine, and parents magazine! How cool, right! Her blog started out as "Infertility Rocks!" but has just recently become "Impersonating Normal." I will warn you....you will definitely laugh as she recounts her 4 year old son and 4 month old daughter, but you will also have your heart-strings tugged as she is also a babylost mom. Check her out here, I've linked you to one post that I literally laughed out loud too. I guess I can say "I followed her when..."

"The Cup"

This is one of those posts that has been sitting in my head.......

I used to be envious of those with "the cup." You know the ones I am talking about....the hospital cup....the one that says "Hey, I have a baby!" I think that every hospital has their own version and I desperately wanted one. In fact, I was pretty sure that I was never going to get one. I remember seeing teachers and staff in the schools that I consult with who had their "cups" either sitting on their desk or walking down the hallways with one, like they were flaunting it for everyone to see! I remember seeing one sitting on the prepared baby cart during our tour of the L & D floor thinking that it would be mine soon......and now I do have my "cup" and I proudly carry it with me in the schools or have it sitting on my desk.....sometimes I catch myself secretly smiling at the fact that I finally have one:)

For those of you who are still awaiting your "cup".......I hope you are able to flaunt it soon!