Monday, May 17, 2010

Mother's Day #1

So I can finally say that I've been able to celebrate Mother's Day. Last year I was newly pregnant and Tony didn't want to jinx anything, so he just had Tasker make me a card:) This year, I got a card from Owen--he got me a massage. I guess Daddy wanted to get me flowers, but Owen said they would just die and a massage was a better idea:) Unfortunately Tony had to work in the morning--I know, come on people!!--but Owen and I headed to church with gramma and grampa and then to lunch at Aunt Shirley's. Daddy joined us for lunch and then we went to his mom's house for dinner. Tony decided on Monday that I needed a dinner, so we went out just the 3 of us:) It was a wonderful time!

Enjoying "Mommy Time" with my sweet sleeping boy:)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

5 Months

It is so hard for me to believe that our little man in already 5 months old! Everyone always said how time seemed to fly by and how their babies seemed to grow so I really understand what they meant! He is doing so many things--Tony and I are ok if he slows down a bit:) He is eating 2 kinds of cereal (rice and oatmeal) and he has tried carrots, bananas, and green beans. Carrots and bananas were pretty good--green beans he did not like so much. We will try again tonight, but we may need to put them aside and move on to something else:) I put in a few pictures of our handsome boy:)

I finally convinced Tony to put the highchair together!
Owen loves sitting in it!
This is a picture of his first time in it:)

He has really noticed Tasker and wants to touch him all the time!
Luckily Tasker is fine with the new attention:)

Trying carrots for the first time!

Trying bananas for the first time--his faces got better:)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Baby Day

Every year our church has "Baby Day." In the past it always hadn't been the best day for me....but this year we got to participate! They encourage you to make your babies stroller a little float and then you fill out a little form with your baby's information and then a little story or fun fact about them.. We decided to do a Cubs themed float--I know, go figure:)--and I was trying to come up with a little clever saying for Owen's fact, Tony was even making fun of me for how much time I was spending on it! I told him that he just didn't understand--it was very exciting for me!

Here is what I finally came up with:
"My mommy and daddy had to wait a LONG time for me, but they're Cubs fans so they are used to waiting! And since their patience finally paid off and I'm here, they're hoping that "Next Year" is finally here."

Now--wasn't that cute! We got the biggest laugh from the crowd--Tony even complimented me:) We didn't really have a good picture to post--maybe grandma has one I can steal:)

I'm really behind on my posts--will try to get more done this week!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Making Grandma Proud

Owen is getting ready to embark on the world of "solid foods." Soon the days of predictable color poop will be gone, only to be replaced by "what did you eat?!?!" He has mastered eating rice and oatmeal cereals--really enjoys himself with those--and the pediatrician said that we could start fruits and veggies around 5 months. So, that time is fast approaching (hard to believe he is almost 5 months old!!) and Tony and I have been discussing what foods we wanted him to start with--everyone has an opinion on that by the way:) I've also been tossing around the idea of making his baby food--which is something I never thought I could see myself doing:) As the time drew nearer, I decided to contact my fellow IVF'er JoLynn. She sent me an amazing email detailing how she made her own food and the book she referenced as she began her journey. After purchasing the book, I realized that I didn't really need it--all I needed was JoLynn:)

So, I invited my mom over today to join me on my first efforts at making baby food. Tony and I decided to start with veggies, so I went to the grocery store last night and stocked up on carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, peas, and green beans. My mom showed up with the trusty food processor and we got to work. As we were working, my mom said that when she was telling my dad what we were doing this morning, he commented that my grandma (his mom) would have been very proud of me and if she were still here, she would have been right here with us! She was an amazing cook and I can remember sitting and watching with amazement as she made just about anything you could imagine and never used a measuring cup or spoon! It really made me feel good that he said that.....I definitely miss my grandma and am sad that Owen will never get to know her, but I hope that I was able to channel some of her wonderful spirit as we prepared his food. Hope I made you proud today grandma:)