Thursday, May 13, 2010

5 Months

It is so hard for me to believe that our little man in already 5 months old! Everyone always said how time seemed to fly by and how their babies seemed to grow so I really understand what they meant! He is doing so many things--Tony and I are ok if he slows down a bit:) He is eating 2 kinds of cereal (rice and oatmeal) and he has tried carrots, bananas, and green beans. Carrots and bananas were pretty good--green beans he did not like so much. We will try again tonight, but we may need to put them aside and move on to something else:) I put in a few pictures of our handsome boy:)

I finally convinced Tony to put the highchair together!
Owen loves sitting in it!
This is a picture of his first time in it:)

He has really noticed Tasker and wants to touch him all the time!
Luckily Tasker is fine with the new attention:)

Trying carrots for the first time!

Trying bananas for the first time--his faces got better:)

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  1. I love all those pictures! Especially the one where he is smiling in his high chair and with Tasker!