Monday, March 21, 2011

What's in Your Vase?

We have one "decorative" item left in our house. It is a large vase with bamboo sticks up by our front door. I'm not sure why we chose this item to leave out when baby-proofing, but we did. For the most part, Owen has left it alone...but in the past few weeks he has been starting to notice it a little more. We here him playing with the sticks and in the past few days he has even brought one of the sticks to us....but we have persevered and decided to leave it out:) Last week, I installed a new app on my phone called Toddler Lock. I was letting Owen "play" with it, and he ran away from me.....and when he came back he didn't have the phone. We could here it though (thanks to the music) so Tony went looking for it.....and he found it in the vase. When he took the sticks out to retrieve it, he found a host of other treasures that Owen had been storing in there as well:)

The Vase

The "treasures" answer the question: 1 dog bone, 1 basting brush, 1 tablespoon, 2 bottle caps, 4 outlet covers (that were not in outlets, but a drawer!), several pieces of paper, and the bamboo sticks of course!

We've decided we need to check the vase when something goes missing:)

Monday, March 14, 2011

15 month update

We went to the Dr today for Owen's 15 month appointment. We were a little late, but decided to wait until our preferred Dr. was on the "well-baby" side:)

Height: 31 1/2 inches (50%-75%)
Weight: 21lbs 1 oz (3%)- more on this later
Head: 47 1/2 cm (50%-75%)

Overall he is a very healthy boy and is ahead in most of his developmental milestones, which always makes a parent feel good! Unfortunately his weight had dropped off a bit. In fact, on Friday when we revisited urgent care for a chest x-ray (all was clear) he was 22lbs 8 ozs, so he had dropped off a lot in just a couple of days. We were a little worried about this, as was the doctor. Owen has become a much pickier eater as of late, not just picky but not wanting a whole lot of anything. He also has not been wanting to drink much milk lately. The doctor said to really push his milk and even wants us to add a few scoops of milk powder to boost the calories in that. He doesn't think it was bad enough that we needed to start with pediasure, but that will be our next step if this doesn't help. Plus he was just pretty sick, so we aren't jumping to any conclusions as of yet. We revisit for a weight check in a month, so we hope that he has fattened up a bit by then! I will keep everyone posted on how we think he's doing with that!

I realized that I hadn't posted any pictures lately, so I figured that I better add a few on this post! These were taken just a couple of days ago as he was working on using a spoon to eat his macaroni and cheese! Utensils are his new favorite thing....and we even use them to get him to eat sometimes. He is pretty good at stabbing with a fork and is kind of getting the hang of scooping with a spoon. Sometimes though he just picks up the food and puts it on the spoon...much easier that way! He still amazes me everyday with all that he is learning! Oh yes, and we tried a day of sitting in the booster chair at the table.....but we're not quite ready for that, so we're sticking with the high chair for now:)

Thinking about loading up the spoon instead of using it to scoop!

Got some on there, now lets see if I can make it to my mouth!

Ooops, fell off....better try again.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Well, we hid as long as we could! Croup has made a visit to our home:( For the last couple of days he has had a little cough every now and then, but nothing major. This morning he woke up sounding a little froggy. I told Gramma to keep an ear on it and let me know if it got any worse. I talked with her around lunchtime and she said that it seemed to be about the I went about my day hoping that it continued to stay that way. About 3:00 I got a text from Gramma saying that he sounded worse after his nap and that maybe I should call the pediatrician for an appt tomorrow. I immediately did that and instead of being able to just schedule an appt, they wanted me to talk to a nurse which meant I had to wait for a call back. Well when I got home and heard him, it was definitely worse than this morning. Gramma left and I continued to wait for a call. He had a couple of crying/coughing fits and I was pretty sure that he had a temp. At 4:30 I called the office back, but got the off to Urgent Care we went.

It really didn't take too long, which I was surprised about, and the doctor said that he had "infectious croup." We got a prescription for a steroid and he told us to give him tylenol/motrin for fever (it was 101 btw) and then benadryl as well. The Dr there (a former pediatrician with a good reputation) said if he had a coughing fit and was having trouble catching his breath to take him into the garage so he could breathe in the cold air....this helps supposedly...but if after 15 minutes he was still struggling that we should head to the ER for a breathing treatment. Well, needless to say that doesn't help Tony and I as we will try to get some sleep tonight! but it was good info nonetheless:) He also said that the cough could stay around for up to a week or so...great news as well!

So here's to hoping for a quick recovery for my little man.....and to hide from croup for another 15 months or so! Oh and my pediatrician's office did call back.....but I was in urgent care when they did:)