Friday, April 22, 2011

Tooth #13

Tooth #13 has made an appearance. He has been a little cranky on and off for the past week or so. I noticed a few days ago that it looked like he was working on an eye tooth....and low and behold one popped through last night. He now has his lower left eye tooth....wonder which one will be next?

Kidney Update

Owen had another ultrasound on Monday to check his left kidney. My mom came with as it now always takes two to hold him down while they do the test. He did good while we were waiting to be called back, but once we got into the room and the door closed....he immediately started crying. Gramma and I tried every trick in the book, but the only thing that was going to make him happy was leaving! When the tech walked in he actually stopped crying....couldn't believe it! We got him undressed and she actually let him sit up while she did the test. We were very thankful for that! She had brought in a few toys with her as well, which also caught his attention...well for a minute at least:) Gramma also brought a sucker in and he was all about that! And by the end, we basically had to give him a bath to get all the sticky off!

After the test, we headed to the Dr.'s office. Tony met us there....he likes to skip out on the hard parts and come for the rest:) When she came in, she told us that there was good news and bad news....ok, lay it on us! She said the good news was that both kidneys were continuing to grow well and that the blockage was not interfering with that, so it was a good thing. The bad news was that the left kidney still had the same amount of dilation as it did in December. So no worse, but no better either. We asked if there was a timeline we were looking at for it to resolve before surgery would be suggested. She said that it is basically up to his we could be waiting for a while. But at this point we are just waiting for the blockage to really get bad so he can have the surgery to correct it. She said they wouldn't do surgery before that point, because basically it was still functioning ok and they would essentially be doing surgery for a non-issue. So....we have another ultrasound in November to check his kidneys again. I guess I am happy he doesn't need to have surgery, but a little disappointed that we are just "waiting" for it to get worse.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Owen has developed a very serious playing outside! He would spend every waking minute out there if we would let him! It started a few weeks ago when we finally ran into some nice weather. After one evening of getting to play, he didn't want to stop! As soon as he wakes up in the morning he is pointing to the door asking to go out.....and he doesn't discriminate about whether it's the front door, back door, or even garage door...any of them will work for him! In fact, this morning he cried (sobbed according to grandma) until she put his coat on him, wrapped him up in a blanket, and took him for a spin up and down the street in his stroller! I'm pretty sure that it wasn't that bad, but we all know how grandma's are:) It has been rough when the weather has not been so nice and we haven't been able to go out at I'm glad that nicer weather should be on its way for good! Here are some pics from one of our first outings into the back yard:)

He is bound and determined to walk down the steps like

everyone else! We tried to show him how to sit and scoot on

his bottom, but he wasn't having it!

Picking up mommy's "Hope, Wish, & Dream" rocks.

He loves to walk behind the trees and poke his head out and say "boo!"

Throwing the ball for Tasker.

Weight Update...and a little more

Owen went back to the doctor on Tuesday to have his weight checked. To be honest, I was a little worried that he hadn't been making much progress in that department. We have been trying over the past month to try and fatten him up, but much to our dismay the boy does not really like much that is "fatty." We tried the carnation powder in his milk....all the different flavors....and he cried when he took a drink! We tried chocolate milk (hershey syrup and pre-made) he would take a sip, say "mmmm" and then shake his head no and push it away when you offered it again! He doesn't really care for ice cream, cookies, pudding, or even graham crackers! This boy will push away noodles to eat the vegetables out of soup! He will eat a few "bad" things, but not many! Plus, I don't think he ever stops moving, except for when he is sleeping, so he has to burn off every single calorie that he puts in! So we've just been pushing milk like the doctor said and it did seem to pay off. He was up 2 lbs...even though you can't tell by looking at they are happy with his progress and we don't have to go back for another weight check until the regular one at his 18 month appt in June. Hopefully he is up a few more pounds by then:) I also wanted to confess why there hasn't been much posting lately. Back in January I was doing a lot of studying for an upcoming test at the end of the month, which led to a lack of posting during that period. It was a VERY difficult test and I unfortunately did not pass:( I think it is the first time I have ever failed a test in my life....well except for my first art history test in college! I was very disappointed when I found out, but have since ordered a new, very expensive study cd and have signed up to take it again in May. So, most evenings after my wifely and motherly duties I'm holed up in the guest bedroom studying.....I do have several posts floating around in my head (even some with pictures!) so I hope to get a few mins here and there to get them down to share with you all. Maybe even one more tonight:)