Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Owen has developed a very serious playing outside! He would spend every waking minute out there if we would let him! It started a few weeks ago when we finally ran into some nice weather. After one evening of getting to play, he didn't want to stop! As soon as he wakes up in the morning he is pointing to the door asking to go out.....and he doesn't discriminate about whether it's the front door, back door, or even garage door...any of them will work for him! In fact, this morning he cried (sobbed according to grandma) until she put his coat on him, wrapped him up in a blanket, and took him for a spin up and down the street in his stroller! I'm pretty sure that it wasn't that bad, but we all know how grandma's are:) It has been rough when the weather has not been so nice and we haven't been able to go out at I'm glad that nicer weather should be on its way for good! Here are some pics from one of our first outings into the back yard:)

He is bound and determined to walk down the steps like

everyone else! We tried to show him how to sit and scoot on

his bottom, but he wasn't having it!

Picking up mommy's "Hope, Wish, & Dream" rocks.

He loves to walk behind the trees and poke his head out and say "boo!"

Throwing the ball for Tasker.


  1. As addictions go, not too bad.

  2. Hang on to that picture of him holding the rocks...priceless and it should go on your desk! Especially since he is the hope, the wish, and the dream finally come true!