Friday, April 22, 2011

Kidney Update

Owen had another ultrasound on Monday to check his left kidney. My mom came with as it now always takes two to hold him down while they do the test. He did good while we were waiting to be called back, but once we got into the room and the door closed....he immediately started crying. Gramma and I tried every trick in the book, but the only thing that was going to make him happy was leaving! When the tech walked in he actually stopped crying....couldn't believe it! We got him undressed and she actually let him sit up while she did the test. We were very thankful for that! She had brought in a few toys with her as well, which also caught his attention...well for a minute at least:) Gramma also brought a sucker in and he was all about that! And by the end, we basically had to give him a bath to get all the sticky off!

After the test, we headed to the Dr.'s office. Tony met us there....he likes to skip out on the hard parts and come for the rest:) When she came in, she told us that there was good news and bad news....ok, lay it on us! She said the good news was that both kidneys were continuing to grow well and that the blockage was not interfering with that, so it was a good thing. The bad news was that the left kidney still had the same amount of dilation as it did in December. So no worse, but no better either. We asked if there was a timeline we were looking at for it to resolve before surgery would be suggested. She said that it is basically up to his we could be waiting for a while. But at this point we are just waiting for the blockage to really get bad so he can have the surgery to correct it. She said they wouldn't do surgery before that point, because basically it was still functioning ok and they would essentially be doing surgery for a non-issue. So....we have another ultrasound in November to check his kidneys again. I guess I am happy he doesn't need to have surgery, but a little disappointed that we are just "waiting" for it to get worse.

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  1. Waiting is hard. Good thing you have been through so much already that you have a little practice. Praying that you continue to embrace each day and be a loving family together instead of having November looming in the forefront of your mind.