Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Weight Update...and a little more

Owen went back to the doctor on Tuesday to have his weight checked. To be honest, I was a little worried that he hadn't been making much progress in that department. We have been trying over the past month to try and fatten him up, but much to our dismay the boy does not really like much that is "fatty." We tried the carnation powder in his milk....all the different flavors....and he cried when he took a drink! We tried chocolate milk (hershey syrup and pre-made) he would take a sip, say "mmmm" and then shake his head no and push it away when you offered it again! He doesn't really care for ice cream, cookies, pudding, or even graham crackers! This boy will push away noodles to eat the vegetables out of soup! He will eat a few "bad" things, but not many! Plus, I don't think he ever stops moving, except for when he is sleeping, so he has to burn off every single calorie that he puts in! So we've just been pushing milk like the doctor said and it did seem to pay off. He was up 2 lbs...even though you can't tell by looking at they are happy with his progress and we don't have to go back for another weight check until the regular one at his 18 month appt in June. Hopefully he is up a few more pounds by then:) I also wanted to confess why there hasn't been much posting lately. Back in January I was doing a lot of studying for an upcoming test at the end of the month, which led to a lack of posting during that period. It was a VERY difficult test and I unfortunately did not pass:( I think it is the first time I have ever failed a test in my life....well except for my first art history test in college! I was very disappointed when I found out, but have since ordered a new, very expensive study cd and have signed up to take it again in May. So, most evenings after my wifely and motherly duties I'm holed up in the guest bedroom studying.....I do have several posts floating around in my head (even some with pictures!) so I hope to get a few mins here and there to get them down to share with you all. Maybe even one more tonight:)


  1. Glad the little peanut gained a little.

    Does he like breads for a snack like banana bread or pumpkin bread?

  2. 2 pounds is great progress! Way to go, Owen.

    That test sounds like a real drag. Ugh. Studying is NOT something I miss from college. Good luck!