Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Well, we hid as long as we could! Croup has made a visit to our home:( For the last couple of days he has had a little cough every now and then, but nothing major. This morning he woke up sounding a little froggy. I told Gramma to keep an ear on it and let me know if it got any worse. I talked with her around lunchtime and she said that it seemed to be about the I went about my day hoping that it continued to stay that way. About 3:00 I got a text from Gramma saying that he sounded worse after his nap and that maybe I should call the pediatrician for an appt tomorrow. I immediately did that and instead of being able to just schedule an appt, they wanted me to talk to a nurse which meant I had to wait for a call back. Well when I got home and heard him, it was definitely worse than this morning. Gramma left and I continued to wait for a call. He had a couple of crying/coughing fits and I was pretty sure that he had a temp. At 4:30 I called the office back, but got the off to Urgent Care we went.

It really didn't take too long, which I was surprised about, and the doctor said that he had "infectious croup." We got a prescription for a steroid and he told us to give him tylenol/motrin for fever (it was 101 btw) and then benadryl as well. The Dr there (a former pediatrician with a good reputation) said if he had a coughing fit and was having trouble catching his breath to take him into the garage so he could breathe in the cold air....this helps supposedly...but if after 15 minutes he was still struggling that we should head to the ER for a breathing treatment. Well, needless to say that doesn't help Tony and I as we will try to get some sleep tonight! but it was good info nonetheless:) He also said that the cough could stay around for up to a week or so...great news as well!

So here's to hoping for a quick recovery for my little man.....and to hide from croup for another 15 months or so! Oh and my pediatrician's office did call back.....but I was in urgent care when they did:)

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