Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Momma's Boy

It seems in the past week or so that Owen has become a downright Momma's Boy. He is wanting nothing to do with Daddy:( It hurts my heart when he refuses to go to Tony, give him a kiss, play with him, etc. I know that it is probably just a passing phase, but it still makes me sad.

We had kind of gotten into a routine at night that I was the one who usually put him to bed. I don't know why, but Tony just hadn't been doing it much the past few weeks. Well, a couple of nights ago Tony was going to put him to bed....and lets just say that it did not go well. He practically had to pry him out of my arms, then he refused to give me a kiss because he was upset, and then he cried and cried for Tony in the bedroom and pointed to the door because he wanted me. We have tried a couple of more nights since then and it has been about the same. Tony has been a trooper and kept at it....and I have been good and not gone in to rescue.

I remember a few weeks after Owen was born that I wondered if he would ever be a Momma's Boy. I know I wasn't quite myself, but it seemed like Tony was the only one who could calm him down. It would make me happy to see them together, but make me wonder if I was cut-out for this "mom" thing. I guess we have come full circle....

Tony says that he is fine with him when I'm not around....hope that is true since I will be gone for a couple of days next week for a training. Maybe when I come back he will be a Daddy's Boy:)


  1. Oh!!! Poor Owen and mommy. Miles is going through a weird mommy phase right now too...very clingy and whiny. Probably teething and some separation anxiety starting. Ugh.

  2. "Oh!!! Poor Owen and mommy"


  3. I'm sympathizing with mommy as the only soother -- it's rough.

    Poor daddy too! :)

  4. It can be rough...thanks for the support! Daddy just feels a little left out at times:)