Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Days 2011

The blizzard of 2011 hit us pretty squarely over the head! I've been off from school for 3 straight days (which is a HUGE rarity!!) and Tony came home early on Tuesday and was off all day yesterday. I've been having a great time home with my little man....kind of like an early spring break:) Thought I would share some pictures of how we fared after the storm left and of Owen experiencing being out in snow for the first time....he had a blast! In fact, he cried when I made him come in:)

We lost a pretty big limb and Owen's swing is barely holding on!

There are 5 trees under all of that snow.....I hope they survive the thaw!

Watching daddy clear the deck for Tasker.

There is a driveway somewhere under all of that snow. Tony
swears that our driveway caught everyone else's snow!

Venturing out of the garage...

The drifts were about as tall as he was!

He liked the snow blower....Tony said that "Daddy's vacuum was
better than mommy's!" I think Owen agreed:)

He fell, but didn't seem to mind. He kept trying to throw "balls" for
Tasker but they all fell apart in his hands before he could!

Wasn't too sure of being in the snow:) Liked it much better
when he could walk around and touch it himself!


  1. Quite the snow for him to give it a first try!

  2. Fun! I wish we could have taken Miles out...maybe when it warms up a little. Although he can barely move in his snowsuit. He can sorta look around it it :)