Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Baby Day

Every year our church has "Baby Day." In the past it always hadn't been the best day for me....but this year we got to participate! They encourage you to make your babies stroller a little float and then you fill out a little form with your baby's information and then a little story or fun fact about them.. We decided to do a Cubs themed float--I know, go figure:)--and I was trying to come up with a little clever saying for Owen's fact, Tony was even making fun of me for how much time I was spending on it! I told him that he just didn't understand--it was very exciting for me!

Here is what I finally came up with:
"My mommy and daddy had to wait a LONG time for me, but they're Cubs fans so they are used to waiting! And since their patience finally paid off and I'm here, they're hoping that "Next Year" is finally here."

Now--wasn't that cute! We got the biggest laugh from the crowd--Tony even complimented me:) We didn't really have a good picture to post--maybe grandma has one I can steal:)

I'm really behind on my posts--will try to get more done this week!

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