Thursday, September 23, 2010

I Believed

Last night my mom and I went to Peoria because Dr. Sher was in town and was going to have an infertility seminar. Yeah, I know I already know all about it, but he is such an interesting man to hear speak and I also wanted to meet the new doc, Dr. Horowitz. The seminar started at 7, but they wanted people to be there by 6:30 to register.....we really weren't in too big of a hurry because the last time Dr. Sher was in town, there were only like 30 people at that seminar. We got there about 6:35 and I would say that the room was pretty much full! I asked one of the nurses and she said that they had over 100 people register!! I wasn't sure if it was solely to hear the two doctors speak or the possibility of winning a free IVF cycle, but the room was definitely packed. We even overheard some people say that they had come from the suburbs--Wow! It was an enjoyable experience and I think I always learn something new when I hear the Drs. speak. I didn't win the free cycle, but the new doc seems very knowledgeable and very the only question is will he still be there when/if we decide to go for #2:)

They also debuted the new SIRM theme song, "I Believe." My mom and I enjoyed it, although some may need a tissue after watching. You can check it out here. I believed.... and now the precious boy that I waited for is finally here.

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