Wednesday, December 12, 2012

3 Year Stats

We just got home from Owen's 3 year check-up appointment with the pediatrician.  He is growing well and there are no concerns related to his general development..which is good!  I did question the pediatrician again about how he is digging/itching his ears all the time.  He assured me after checking them that they were fine.  Both canals looked good, though there was some ear wax in each of them.  He even checked the pressure and fluid level in his ears with a tympanogram.  He said that the left ear had a little bit of pressure, but that it was nothing to warrant any sort of intervention at this we still have no explanation as to why he is itching his ears all the time.  I'm beginning to wonder if it has become a habit of some sort....who knows though.... are his stats:
Height: 39 inches-90%
Weight: 32 pounds-50%

Definitely no concerns with those:)  He is going to be a tall skinny boy!  We are finally going to move him to 2% milk too.  He is definitely a growing boy:)

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