Saturday, February 13, 2010

One Pair At a Time

I think one of the hardest things after having a baby (well besides the obvious lack of sleep, total changes in your life, etc.) comes in the area of clothes. We spend the first few months waiting for that bump to appear and are excited to go out and find all of the cute maternity clothes that will cover it up for the last several months. Then comes you want to be done with those clothes with the extra room in them, but unfortunately they are the only things that fit and are comfortable:( I do have to say that I loved my below the waist maternity pants for those first few weeks after he was born! Nothing like a little elastic to make you feel like a normal person again:) Shirts were another story though....your old shirts still don't fit because of the extra "stuff" in the middle area and then the growth in the bust size is another issue--well at least for me since I didn't have much to start with, so any growth made a big difference!

Finally I decided that the maternity pants were not going to cut it anymore, but when I tried on my old pants it was a no-go on getting them buttoned! I headed out to buy some "transition" pants and to get a few new shirts with a little extra room in them. These pants were good for another couple of weeks or so, but then they were starting to wear a little big--I just wasn't sure if I could fit into my old pants. I had slowly been transitioning my maternity clothes out of my closet and replacing them with my pre-pregnancy items, but the pants were still sitting on top of the tote staring at me.....would I ever be able to fit in them again? So last weekend I decided I would pick up a few pairs and try them on. I told myself that I wouldn't get discouraged if I couldn't get them buttoned (yeah right--but it was a good thought!!). So I tried one pair of jeans on.....and they fit! I couldn't believe it! I ran out into the living room and proudly showed them off to would have thought that I had on something really expensive or rare--nope just an old pair of jeans:) I decided to stop while I was ahead and didn't try on another pair--was just going to go on with the day..... Last night I decided I would try another pair-and they fit! So I am slowly regaining my old wardrobe, one pair at a time:) I did finally put all of my old pants in the closet and put everything else--including my transition pants--back in the tote and now they are going downstairs.

Maybe I'll try another pair tonight--our first date alone since Owen was born:) And yes, I know I have been slacking with the pictures! I will get one up soon.


  1. Yeah for losing weight...and yeah for the bigger bust (even though it may be a short-term celebration!)You have to celebrate everything you can for "little" girls like us! :)

  2. Congrats!! Good for you. I hope I am as lucky!!