Tuesday, February 2, 2010


So today is my 2nd day back at work....and I'm surviving:) I didn't think it would be as hard to leave as it was! I teared up a little bit as I left my parents house yesterday..but didn't cry! This morning was a little easier, although still hard. Probably the biggest adjustment is figuring out the timing of everything, which all depends on how he sleeps the night before! Over the weekend he had been sleeping at 5, almost 6 hour clips during the night, but of course on Sunday night he decided to sleep only 3 hours, which meant I was up twice during the night--yuck! Last night he was close to 6 hours, with only 1 night time feeding. So, needless to say I am a much more "with it" person today! My schedule is different everyday, so some mornings I can be a little more behind than other mornings, but until he gets on a more regular sleeping schedule we'll probably have to just take it day by day:) It still seems to take me longer than I think to get out the door....tomorrow morning I have an 8 AM meeting 45 mins from home.....hopefully I will be on time:)

Owen of course did fine for grandma and grandpa yesterday! Oh, did I forget to mention that grandpa is taking this week off too? Well, he is staying home to help out grandma who decided to go skiing--which lead to falling and breaking some ribs a couple of weeks ago. Yep-she did! Even when the last thing I said to her before she left was, "Don't break anything, you have a baby to start watching in 2 weeks!!" She didn't listen:) We think she is on the mend....waiting until tomorrow to see if I need to have a back-up plan for next week:) They have all been having a good time together though, so I guess there is some good coming from the situation.

Well, lunch is almost over...time to get back to work!

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  1. Hang in there! I am sure you will have a routine down in no time.