Tuesday, January 19, 2010

To BC or Not?

So yesterday was my 6-week post-partum check up with Dr. B. It is hard to believe that all of this happened 6 weeks ago! In one sense it seems like he has been here forever--like he was meant to be--and in the other sense it seems like only yesterday! When Dr. B walked into the room she said it was hard to believe that it had been 6-weeks already--that surely I was there for some other appt:) She checked me out and said that I looked much better than her expectations at this point in my recovery. As she so eloquently stated--your delivery was Hell and you look very good considering--hmmm, guess it was pretty bad if the doctor is saying that!! Still a little tender and not totally healed, but no more appointments unless I feel that something is still wrong in a couple of weeks. Unfortunately she realized at the end of my appt that I hadn't had a pap smear since Aug '08--that means an annual in another month--what fun! I also had to get a pertussis vaccine (whooping cough) before I left....oh and I get to stop my Lovenox injections! What will I do without a shot to take everyday??

So now to the big question.....at the very end of the appt Dr. B brought up Birth Control and what did I want to do about it. I kind of looked at her dumbfounded....was she serious? With everything that we went through to get pregnant did she really think that I needed BC? She reminded me that for several people they end up being much more fertile after finally getting pregnant, so that was something that I needed to keep in mind. I still didn't know what to say! Tony and I have discussed that we aren't ruling out more (although I think he is fine with 1 considering how my last labor and delivery went--can't say I disagree right now!!), but we are just fine with Owen at the moment! I asked her what she would recommend....she said that because of my APA syndrome that The Pill would not be something that I could take anymore, so right now she would recommend the DepoProvera shot. She cautioned that this sometimes has a longer lasting effect and could cause some people to take a little longer to get pregnant.....well we finally decided that we should think about it and then we could talk at my next appt in a month....so that is the question.....BC or no BC?


  1. Maybe you should have a poll that people can vote! :) You know our history...and our outcome. We are saying no to BC.

  2. Gosh, seems crazy you have to think about that already! Take some time to consider your options maybe (and just be extra careful in the meantime)?

  3. I got snipped yesterday at lunch. the commercial was right, in and out, no frozen pees, and back to normal the next day. Problem solved.