Tuesday, January 12, 2010


So today was a bit of a rough day for our little man. He had a rough night of sleep--grunted throughout the whole night and never really rested well.....so the whole day when he woke up to eat--it was very hard to keep him awake to nurse because he was so tired. This made for a long day! When I would get him to sleep, he wouldn't stay asleep very long, so mommy and baby were pretty tired. Finally this afternoon I got him to sleep and just let him rest on my chest while I rested in the recliner--he finally was able to sleep for while and I got a little bit of rest too. I'm always afraid to let him sleep on mine or Tony's chest or holding him too much--don't want him to turn into a baby that never wants to be put down or won't sleep in his bed because everyone holds him......but at times we make an exception and today was definitely one of those days--for my piece of mind:) We have also been using gas drops today.....not sure if they are helping or not, but we are trying! Here's to a better night of sleep:)


  1. Awww! Poor guy. Hope you guys got some rest last night / today!

  2. The twins struggled with gas a lot and it wasn't until I cut way back on dairy that they truly got relief. It was hard but worth it for their comfort. I have also heard that broccoli is a challenge, and red spaghetti sauces. You may want to try experimenting...

    Naps with mommy are always fun - I bet he rested really well and snuggled in!