Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Last Day....

Today is my last day off before returning to work. It has been a great summer! I enjoyed my time at summer school, 1/2 days-4 days a week was a great schedule! Now I have been off for 3 weeks straight and I have enjoyed it immensely. Owen and I have definitely gotten into a good routine and I will miss our time together when I go back, although I know gramma has been missing him like crazy!

It is amazing how much he has grown over the past few months--he is becoming his own little man and doing SO many new things. Oh, and I need to take back the part in my 8 month post about him not pulling up.....he started doing it yesterday like a pro! Daddy and I are amazed! He even pulled himself up in the pack-n-play this morning while I ran on the treadmill--now that is impressive in my eyes, especially with nothing really to hold onto!

So here's to a great summer! I'm now going to go back to soaking up my time with him.....


  1. I'm glad we got a play date in before work! Let us know what you guys decide about going to an ISU game. And Homecoming is 10/16.