Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Easter!

Well, the test is over so it is time to get caught up on posts!

Owen had a great time on Easter. He had a small basket and Easter egg hunt at home, which he thought was OK. He really liked his stackable trucks I ordered from discovery toys....hard to keep him interested in hunting his eggs:) We had a very busy day....3 more Easter egg hunts at 3 more houses. Lets just say by the end of the day, he could have cared less that there were eggs hiding anywhere! Tony commented that the video is going to be mostly of us saying his name over and over to try and get his attention! Here are some pictures to document our day....although I just realized that I don't have any from first thing in the morning....they are on another camera I haven't loaded onto the computer yet:)

Holding him back at Aunt Shirley's. There were lots of eggs there!

Here I come!

He was more interested in opening them, than finding them:)

Mommy holding his findings.

Hunt # 2 at Gramma and Grampa's House with his cousins.

My nephews and Owen.

Daddy helping him open his eggs. Gramma had the best stuff,

money and Gerber Fruit Strips!

Hunt #3 at Grandpa Steve's House. He found a truck there!

Daddy pointing out an egg.....

Putting his money in his ISU piggy bank. He loves to do that!


  1. Sorry, but I almost laughed out loud at the picture of Owen with your nephews. Look at it again. Doesn't Owen look like a dummy and the nephew holding him is a ventriloquist? Hee hee!

  2. LOL! I never noticed that! Hilarious:)