Sunday, January 20, 2013

Christmas Program (a little delayed)

Every year our church has a Christmas program for the younger children.  Owen is in the Toddler class (18 mos-3 years) and his teachers had been telling us he was going to be their star!  He practiced with Gramma while he was at her house and we practiced on the weekends.  He had a line to say "The baby Jesus small and new, came to save little me and you" and then they sang Happy Birthday to Jesus.  He practiced well...although when he sang happy birthday he would always say a different name each time.  The program also happened right around his birthday, so I was thinking that he would end up saying his name during the program:)  The first part of the program was the preschool and kindergarten classes, then the toddler and nursery classes came out at the end.  Needless to say, he was the star:)  His teacher ended up giving him the microphone...and lets just say that he rolled with it:)  The video here is of the second service, but it was definitely the better of the two videos since we were laughing and crying during the first service that the video is a little shaky!  Tony got a better position for the second service and we were a little better prepared for what would happen.

He is definitely our little star:)

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