Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Owenisms-Take Two

Another post with some fun sayings from our boy:

When he is upset about something:
"I'm very disappointed in ______!" or
"That makes me very cross!" (from Thomas the Train)

We have a home gym in our basement that we use regularly.  In the gym we have an air purifying fan that we have been known to sit in front of after a hard workout to help us cool down.  If Owen sees us, he comes over, turns the fan so he thinks it is blowing on us (although really it isn't!) and says:
"Here mom, this will help warm you off!"

When we leave in the morning and walk into the garage he says:
"Turn the garage on mom."

He had his first "fruit by the foot" treat at Valentine's Day-one of his treats from preschool.  He thought it was really cool and now will ask for "Head to Toe" treats all the time :)

When talking about going to Bass Pro and seeing all the big fish one morning, he says:
"Mom there is a fish there with a really long nose.  His name is a scar."  I'm assuming he means the gar:)

While building his first ever snowman with daddy while I was at class, he told Tony:
"When mom sees this she will be SO surprised.  She won't believe her eyes!"  (It was a pretty good snowman!)

For Preschool he takes a sandwich in his lunch.  Since we don't have bread at our house (don't eat it enough to justify buying it) my mom makes his sandwich.  She has been asking him lately if he would like PBJ or Ham on his sandwich.  This week he told her "Ham with salad on it" (lettuce).  She told him she didn't have lettuce, but he said he still wanted the ham sandwich. For good measure, she threw a piece of cheese on it but didn't tell him that she did.  On the way home, this was their conversation:
Gramma: "Did you eat your ham sandwich?"
Owen: "I didn't ask for cheese."
G: "I know, did you eat your sandwich."
O: "I didn't eat the cheese, I didn't ask for it."
G: "Ok, so did you eat your ham?"
O: "Yes, I asked for ham."

While in the restroom at a restaurant with Tony's aunt over the weekend (we were out of town) a co-worker saw him.  After confirming that he was indeed my child she says: "I work with your mommy" and he replies "Not surprised!"

Oh....that kid!  Love him though:)

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