Thursday, March 18, 2010

Moving Up!

Today was a sad day....our boy has moved up and out of size 1 diapers! Daddy was very sad to retrieve the box of size 2's and put them in the basket this morning. Grandma has used some size 2's at her house, but we were still finishing up our last few and the final one was put on this morning. Also he is about out of his 3 month clothes as well. A few shirts have already been relegated to the "too small tote" and he is busting out of many of the 1-piece outfits when he stretches! His St. Patrick's Day outfit was a 6-month one and it fit pretty good:( Looks like I will be washing up some of his larger outfits this weekend--better have them ready for when all of his clothes go in the "too small tote"!!

1 comment:

  1. That was hard for me to in the beginning. Some of my favorite outfits never to be worn again.

    FYI on diapers...I'm not sure what brand you prefer but Pampers has a 1-2 size and a 2-3 size for those in between stages. Especially with going from size 2 to 3 was a huge difference so the kids have worn the 2-3 for a few months now.