Tuesday, March 2, 2010


It's been a while since I've posted, but there are so many things to talk about I decided to do it all quickly in 1 post:)

Breastfeeding: Well when I started that journey I thought that I was going to die and things were not going well. I posted a while ago that I finally came to terms that I would do what I could and supplement with formula if we felt like he wasn't getting enough food. Well, me coming to terms and relaxing about it helped out a great deal! He only gets 1 formula bottle a day and that is at night before he goes to bed, the rest of the time he is getting the good breast-milk from me or a bottle. Really he probably doesn't even need the formula at night, but it has become our routine and he was sleeping pretty good, so we didn't change what was working!

Pumping: This too has been going pretty well since I came back to work. My co-workers have been very supportive and don't mind that my little "pumping station" is set up in the back corner of our office. When I'm out and about it can be a little more difficult and cumbersome, but overall it is going well. It is interesting when I've had to go and pump in the backseat of my car--here's to hoping that I'm not cited for indecent exposure in a school parking lot!! I did get one of those "hooter hiders" that I use--makes everyone more comfortable:) Pumping is going so well that I have been able to freeze several ounces as back-up--some of which is at Grandma's house:) I remember thinking in the beginning that we had wasted money on a nice pump and all of the accessories--now I am so grateful that we have it! Definitely got our money's worth out of it.

Sleep: What a wonderful and joyous thing! I hope that I do not jinx it, but since Wednesday night of last week he has been sleeping through the night! I know, it was wonderful and a little scary! We both woke up and the first thing out of my mouth was "he slept the whole night!" then we both promptly fell back asleep - Tony had turned the alarm off - and were almost late to work:) But ever since then he has been doing such a great job. When I mentioned it to someone at work she said that he must be 12 pounds--apparently that is the weight that they are supposed to be able to sustain themselves through the night! I know, never heard of that either!

BC: Well I went back and met with my OB for my annual appointment. She told me that things were healed, but that I might not feel back to "normal" for a while. We discussed my BC options. She said that after we had spoken the last time that she really didn't want me to do the Depo shot with our history since it has been known to cause fertility issues. She suggested that I go on the POP (progesterone only pill) while I was still nursing. After that we could discuss where to go. She talked about implanon which is a little rod that they put under your skin on your arm and it can last for up to 3 years. If we decide to try before that, it can be removed and within a month be back to regular cycles. I'm still not sure about that one, but feel good with our current choice and will cross the next hurdle when we come to it:)

Owen: Our sweet boy is growing every day and is doing new things too! Apparently he must be close to 12 pounds:) He has been enjoying himself at Grandma's house and has supposedly been treating her well (not sure she would tell me otherwise!!). He has been battling a little cold which he probably got from me and all the germs I bring home from school:( He has been talking up a storm and can roll up onto each of his sides--hasn't made the big turn over to his belly yet. He is beginning to find his feet and he is reaching out and grabbing at lots of things. He loves to look at his sesame street books (Daddy is excited because he loves sesame street and the muppets!!) while they are being read to him. Can't believe he is almost 3 months old! We think he is having some acid reflux, so we are headed to the doctor on Thursday to have that checked out. Will update later on how that appointment goes! We are so in love with him!

Wow-sorry for the long post! Promise to post 3-month pictures soon!

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