Saturday, January 22, 2011

Another First....

Well, we made it 13 1/2 months, but Owen has finally had to have his first antibiotic:( I think we did pretty good keeping him healthy, especially with him being born in the heart of "germy season." I noticed on Tuesday evening that he started getting a runny nose. He also started sleeping pretty restlessly....up a few times crying, but would always put himself back to sleep. Well, Wednesday morning he woke-up with nasty stuff dried all over his face...poor thing! His humidifier had broke and we had not been out to get him another out we went hoping that would help. Thursday he still had the runny nose and then a slight fever.....I didn't want to be the overly cautious mom and call the doctor for them to just tell me that it was a cold, so we persevered:) I was starting to get the same thing he was having, only I was about a day behind. Well, when I woke up Friday morning with a bit of a scratchy/sore throat, I decided we would call the Dr. and try to get him in to be seen. Gramma said she was fine with keeping him and even taking him to the Dr. on Friday morning, so I didn't take a day off of work.

Well, the Dr was very impressed that he was able to open his mouth (all you have to do is ask him to see his tongue or mouth and open it goes!) and she said that it looked irritated, so they would do a strep culture. Gramma mentioned that mommy had sore throat and that is why he was there....well the Dr. said that if it came back positive that she would write me a prescription too:) Luckily his ears were clear, so we were hoping for just an irritated in came the nurse to take the culture and she too was amazed at how easy it was to get him to open his mouth. Well, not too much longer in walked the nurse with 2 prescriptions.....he tested positive for strep! So, my intuition was unfortunately right. We have had to grudgingly mark off another first:( Lets just hope it's not one that is repeated often!

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