Monday, August 1, 2011

A New Plan

We met with Dr. H on Friday last week to discuss where he thought we needed to go when we did another cycle. All of my prior bloodwork would have indicated that the same type of protocol that had been used in the past would work again....but it obviously didn't. Dr. H believes that the Lupron drug not only inhibited my "brain" from doing what it normally should during my monthly cycle, but also inhibited my ovaries this time around. He would like to change my protocol next time which would have me start with Lupron, but then during the cycle switch to another drug which kind of does the same thing as Lupron, but acts in a different way with the ovaries. I won't go into too much detail behind the science of everything...because I'm not even sure that I totally understand:) He would also like to add some estradiol shots as well. This is the hormone that they were measuring to see if my eggs were mature....he said that during the next cycle that # won't mean as much, we will just have to go by the size of the eggs to tell when they are ready. So that is our new plan.....which we will most likely try out during the December cycle. So until's back to normal and taking a break from shots:)

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  1. Are they replacing the Lupron with Ganirelix? For most of my cycles (and especially my successful cycle), I took Ganirelix instead of Lupron after starting stim meds. Praying that it works for you in December!