Friday, August 5, 2011

Owen's Tubes

I got a call last week from the ENT's office asking if we could move Owen's surgery for his tubes up a week....well duh, of course I said yes! So we went in yesterday for the surgery. It worked out that he usually wakes up about the time we needed to leave for the surgery we wouldn't have to put him off too long with wanting something to eat or drink. He usually doesn't want anything to eat, but is definitely asking for "juice" (with which we immediately offer milk!!) after a few mins of being up. When he woke up, we got him changed and then got into the car to head out. He asked a couple of times on the way there, but I just kept saying "not now" which was immediately returned with a grunt...but he managed. When we got to the surgery center, I got us all checked in and daddy kept him entertained. There was a nice little garden area with a water feature and lots of plants and flowers, so they headed out there. I joined them and Owen was very excited to show me the fish in the pond. Luckily being outside also distracted him from wanting a drink:)

They called us back a few mins later and we went back to a little room. They took his history again and we got him changed into his little gown. He started asking for a drink more frequently then....but we just kept putting him off and distracting him. They had some musical toys in the room for him to play with which kept him busy for a while, but then he was bored and realizing that he was thirsty and hungry! It broke my heart to keep telling him no:( The nurse then brought out a wagon and we pulled him around the little area outside the room. Daddy pulled and then mommy pulled and then Owen pulled the wagon himself....anything to keep him distracted! Anesthesia came and talked to us...I was thankful to hear that he didn't need an IV because they were only using a little bit of the gas. We were warned that he would probably be upset when he woke up from it and that it was completely normal for it to be that way. Then the Dr came and spoke with us and finally the OR nurse came to get him. She played with him a little in the room and then she offered for us to put him back in the wagon instead of her carrying him because he was starting to get a little wary of everyone. We put him in and he reached and cried for only a second as he was wheeled away.

So, Tony and I sat down in the room and waited....for like 10 mins! The Dr came back in and said that it went great and that he would be back soon. He also said that his ears were completely dry, so he had been able to get rid of the fluid finally! Tony and I had just been saying that it seemed like he was really talking a lot more the last week or two, so that must have been why. Owen came back about 15 mins later....he was a little grumpy and whiny, but overall we didn't think it was too bad. He finally got a drink and was a little happier, although he hated the pulse ox sensor on his toe:) After his juice I gave him a little fruit pouch (plum tots makes them and he loves they are great for the diaper bag!!) and he gobbled that down. The nurse wanted us to wait a little bit before we gave him anything else, but she said that we were free to go! So we got him dressed and headed home. He was a little out of it still, but happy to be going home! We were home by about 9:25. He stood outside and watched the neighbor mow for a couple of minutes (long enough to fall and get a bump on his forehead!) and then we headed inside. He had 3/4 of a banana and then seemed sleepy, so I offered to lay him down and he was all about it! He was in bed around 9:50 and slept until 1:30! He woke up and had a pretty good evening, although he got a little tired before actual bedtime, but that was because he was up for a much longer time since his nap time was a little messed up:)

Overall it has been a pretty good experience. He seems very happy today and not bothered by his ears, except when I put the ear drops in....but I think its just the feeling of them not that they are actually hurting hears to hoping for good things for his hearing. We have a follow-up in about 3 weeks, so we will know more then!

Here's a pic of him in the wagon:)


  1. Hope this brings Owen some nice relief!

  2. Sounds like our experience with Ethan's tubes...the no food or drink was awful. Glad he's doing so well!!!!! Hope this helps him!