Thursday, October 11, 2012

Potty Training = Complete?

Well, I am almost nervous to write this post because I don't want to jinx anything....but I think that Owen may finally be fully potty trained....YEA!!!  HAPPY DANCE!!!

Like I had said earlier, he's had the peeing down for a long time but it was the pooping that was taking a while.  Well, last week we had a breakthrough....he had been pooping for me, but not really for anyone else.  And he was only going because I made him sit on the potty every night before his bath.  Finally I guess he just decided that he was going to do last week he announced to Gramma that he had to go poop...and he did!  He finally was able to earn the basketball hoop that has been sitting at Gramma's for months!  And Gramma even sweetened the pot by letting him pick out a donut when they went to the store...and he chose one with sprinkles and gummy worms!  Now he just announces when he has to go and then goes and does proud of him!!

So, for more than a week he has had no accidents!  We still wear a pull-up for naps and at bed time but otherwise he is in underwear full time.  I've also started to trust him to tell us when he needs to use the restroom and not ask him every 20 minutes!  In fact, he likes to go by himself.....we just have to work on pulling the pants back up when he's finished:)

Overall it has been a long road!  I'm so glad we have finally reached the end:)

Here are the pictures Gramma sent me on the day he finally pooped at her house:

Here is the basketball hoop he finally earned!

With his donut:)

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