Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I've had several friends blog about the "cute" and "funny" things their kids say and I thought I would join the trend:)  I know that there have been several funny things he has said or done lately that I can't or won't remember them all.....which makes me a little sad:(  I can't believe how big he is getting....less than 2 months until he is 3!!  I will try to be better about writing these things down so that they will have a permanent record:)

The "My's": I know I've mentioned how Owen uses "my" instead of "I" and probably my favorites is when he is saying his prayers at night...."should I die before my wake...."  Although, I am sad to report that he is beginning to use "I" much more than "my" lately.....:(

One day after he woke up from his nap, he was on the floor playing.  My mom offered him a snack and he said, "I'm busy Gramma!"  He's used this a few more times as well:)

He is really into singing lately.  One of the songs he has been singing a lot the last couple of days is "This Old Man" and my favorite line of the song is "knick knack paddy whack, dig a dog a bone."  :)

We went to the ISU homecoming parade on Saturday to watch Tony (who was a guest of the Environmental Health Department) march in it.  Owen loves parades, especially the bands!!  He marches around playing his trombone and singing the high school fight song (he knows most of the words...seriously!).  After the parade we were in the bookstore and he grabbed two of the pom poms and started marching around the store singing the fight song. When he finished he said "thank you, thank you very much!" and then proceded to start again!

He calls Frank the Combine (from Cars) Frank the Cucumber:)

He is getting much more independent with his potty-training.  In fact, if he goes into the bathroom and you try to follow he stops, puts up his hand and says "Stop, I can do it by myself" or "I don't need help!".....which he does do a good job, except for the part of pulling his pants and underwear back up!  Usually he comes hopping out of the bathroom with them around his ankles:)

Those are all for now....but I will try to be better about sharing more as they happen....or as I remember:)

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  1. those are good ones! love all the unique words they say at this age.

    we watch the parade a lot on video and M likes to look for the trombones now. O made quite an impression!