Monday, September 24, 2012

Not Just a Car

Tonight we had another big event happen at our house....we sold our beloved Pathfinder.  Tony has been talking and talking about getting a new truck/SUV, but we could just never pull the trigger because we both loved the Pathfinder so much.  Finally last week, we bought a new Ford F150 4x4 truck....which meant that it was time to finally say goodbye to our most favorite car.  Tonight was the night that the Pathfinder left our possession...and it was bittersweet.  

When I got out of the shower tonight, this was on the computer:

If I had a blog:
I know people say it’s just a car but it’s more than that. It was the first “Real” purchase that Jenny and I made. I had graduated college and moved to the burbs and it was time to get rid of one of our economical cars and we picked out the one we wanted and it was awesome. It was the first car that someone has said “that’s a cool car” and I felt like they meant it.
It was the car that Jenny drove through crazy Chicago land traffic. I knew no matter what she encountered she’d be safe in it. Snow, uh, 4x4.
It was the car that we would load up when Jenny, Tasker and I would come back into town to visit family. It was big enough to carry the three of us plus the cage. Actually there wasn’t a time when it wasn’t big enough. It was the car that Jenny would come to greet me on late Friday nights from the airport after I’d been out of town all week on business. Again, the car was always big enough ;)
It was the car we took to Buffalo to see the Bills, Michigan to see the Wolverines, numerous states for mountain bike camping trips, Chicago to see the Cubs, and the UP to see that not all Labs can swim.
It was the car we packed up and moved away from the suburbs to head back to Pekin.
It was the car that we would take to doctor’s appointments where they would tell us that yet again Jenny wasn’t pregnant and it wasn’t looking like it was ever going to happen. It was the car that I would sit in to call and tell family to give them the bad news……and after four attempts at IVF it was the car that I brought my perfect little boy home from the hospital in.
It’s much more than a car, it was “Daddy’s White Truck”. It’s been around for 3 different houses, the majority of a dog’s life, and the car that I handled precious cargo in.
Yeah I’m a little sappy about a car, but to me it was much more.

It made me cry....and I thought I would share:)


  1. Hi Jenny! I just came across your blog after looking for others who did IVF with SIRM. I'm about to do my first IVF in November (hopefully!). Thank you for sharing your journey.

    And what your husband just wrote, WOW, I know it was just about a car, but it was extremely sweet. I hope you guys make wonderful memories in your new truck!

  2. My word! Who knew a blog post about a car could make me so choked up!

  3. So are more than cars! To lots of new memories in the new truck!