Sunday, September 9, 2012

Potty Training: The Elusive #2

Well, I thought I would get on and update how potty training has been going.  It seemed like we had been at a standstill for a very long time.  He had been wearing pull-ups and it seemed like he would be dry all day, but when we switched to underwear he would pee!  It was getting very frustrating.....and he was refusing to poop on the potty...UGH!  We would have him sit at night (his preferred time of day!) and sometimes we would get a little but never a lot.  He would cry and not sit was a fight!  Then, without fail, once we left him in bed to go to sleep he would come out 5 minutes later and tell us that he pooped.  We tried every kind of bribery for when he would poop and punishment when he would go in his pants.....nothing seems to make a difference!

So, after a few weeks of going strictly back to pull-ups, I felt like we were finally making some progress.  He had started telling us when he had to go pee much more consistently.  I started trusting him when he answered "NO" to my incessant asking of "Do you have to go potty?" and didn't force him to go every 40 mins.  I really wanted him to tell me....and it started working!  He has also started waking up dry from his naps too most I thought that was good progress as well.  This weekend was our town's local festival (parade, vendors in the park, etc.) and I decided that I wanted to be brave:)  Yesterday, before leaving for the parade I asked him if he wanted to wear underwear...and he said yes.  So, off we went....and guess what?....Dry All Day!  He made it through the whole parade before I took him potty and then we walked around the park for a little bit and drove home before he went again.  I'm very proud of him!  However.....he still does not like to go poop on the potty....what is it with boys and poop?!?!  I really hope this is resolved soon! (especially after having to clean poop out of underwear today!!! YUCK!!)

Oh.....and we were having issues with him wetting through his nighttime diapers as well.  Tony suggested waking him up when we were going to bed and having him go then and seeing if that helped.  Well, he was a genius!  It not only helped with the wetting through, but he has been waking up dry every morning!

So, I would say that he is 95% potty trained....I just hope it doesn't take forever to get that last 5%!

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  1. Yeah for Owen!And for Mom and Dad too :-)
    "Everybody Poops" is a great book - So is "once upon a potty - for boys"
    Maybe Owen can look for it on his next library day?