Thursday, September 6, 2012

Preschool 2012

Through some of the mom's at the church playgroup, we found out about a local church that has a 1-day a week preschool program for kids as young as 18 months.  I was excited to see if they might have a spot for Owen...and they did:)  It is on Wed mornings from 8:30-12:30 with lunch.  It started this week, so I took Wed morning off to be able to take him for his first day.  They only stayed until 11:30 this first week with no lunch.  I was a little nervous about him making it the whole time because when we take him to the Toddler room at church, he has gotten used to us picking him up after only one service, which is a little over an hour....or he starts to cry...and when you ask him why, he says "because I have to."  So we had a long talk about how we don't cry at Preschool.  He told Gramma he wasn't going to cry there (we picked her up on our way so she would know the procedures when she takes him from now on) so I was hopeful:)

He was not at all apprehensive when we got there.  He spied the toys and got right to playing!  I had to drag him away from a toy to get a hug goodbye!  I didn't cry either:)  When we went to pick him up later, he told me he only cried a little bit:)  So, I think he is going to have fun....and next week he gets to take his "cars" lunchbox which he was mad that he couldn't take this week:)  Hard to believe he is getting so big!

Here are a few snapshots from Wed morning before we left:)  (and don't mind the horrible quality...we really need to get a new digital camera!!)

Love his face:)

And one with a great smile:)

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