Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Kidney Update

Well, it was time for Owen to have another follow-up with the Pediatric Urologist yesterday.  Tony had some vacation days to burn, so he got to join in all the festivities this time:)  We started the day with an ultrasound at the hospital.  This time they brought in a DVD player for him to watch while he was having the test done.  They put in a SpongeBob DVD...not my first choice by far, but it worked.  He was very worried about if the test going to hurt.  We kept reassuring him that it wouldn't, but he was having a hard time believing us!  He asked if there was going to be a shot in his arm...which I think meant he was remembering his last renal scan....I swear the kid has the memory of an elephant!  He did well during the test, rolled on both of his sides when asked, but was just a little dramatic at times about if it was going to hurt:)  This was our first ultrasound being fully potty trained, so when the tech took pictures of his bladder and it was pretty full, he immediately said he needed to go potty.  He was able to hold it until she was done and then for her to go and get a cup for him to pee in.  Daddy took him to the bathroom to get it all done.  Then he was back for a few more pictures after emptying the bladder.  He did really well and even got to pick a sticker and a toy, so he thought he was pretty cool:)

Next it was off to the Dr.'s office.  I was under the impression that at this appointment she would decide if he needed surgery or not.  I was fully prepared to hear that he would need it...but I was wrong....His right kidney still looks good, but the left kidney is still "suspect" at this point.  It still has fluid in it, but otherwise it is fine.  It is growing and working well at this point.  She said they they used to rush in to fix them, but now they just like to wait it out.  So, we continue to wait....we go back in 6 months for another ultrasound and check with the doctor.    I really do hope that it decides to fix itself, but only time will tell....

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  1. While the waiting is hard, I have come to appreciate the patience of the doctors not wanting to rush into surgery unless absolutely necessary.

    Hoping 6 months from now brings less "suspect" and more normal!