Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Holidays!

It was our very first Christmas as a family--very exciting for us! We had a wonderful couple of days celebrating the holiday with our family. Owen went many places and met many new people! We tried to keep him safe and healthy and didn't let him get passed around too much--hopefully our family will forgive us by our next get together:) I've added a couple of pics--one of us in front of our tree at home and then a few more of Owen's first photo shoot. Some of you who received our Christmas Card/Birth Announcement got to see one of his pictures, there were a few to choose from, so I added them here. They are compliments of one of Tony's friends who does some photography on the side--he does a great job! (he also took some pregnancy photos that I never got a chance to post--maybe one day!) I will update on how everything else is going soon--time seems to slip by much more quickly with a baby in the house! Hope everyone had a great holiday--we sure did!

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