Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lasts and Firsts

Well we had our appt with the OB yesterday......still no dilating or effacing, but we are moving forward with the induction tomorrow. We have to be at the hospital at 6AM for the process to start. She again warned that it could be a long day, but she hoped that she would be wrong. She is going to start me with Pitocin and see how I progress during the day. If I can start making progress then she will break my water and we will move on from there. If I go all day with little to no progress, then they will shut the meds off, let me eat and sleep and start with some new and stronger meds on Saturday. Lets just say that I hope we make some progress tomorrow! She also stated that she is starting conservatively because she doesn't want to put any extra stress on me or the baby during the process--He's too precious to take any chances (her words!!). Hopefully things go well and we end up with a baby sometime tomorrow--and hopefully not by C-section, but I know we will have to take things as they come......

So since we got official confirmation, Tony and I have been talking about things in lasts and firsts. Like today was my last breakfast, last day of work, last loads of laundry, last bill paying session, etc. before becoming a mom. Today was Tony's last day of work, last time he'll take the garbage out, etc before becoming a dad. Some of our lasts are a little more profound....we had our last date out for dinner with only saying there would be 2, today is the last day that I will have him always with me, feeling his little movements on the inside:) and today is the last day that our family will only consist of only 2 people (not forgetting about the animals!!). Then we start to think about the firsts that are coming.....the first time we see him, touch him and hear him. There will be the first time we hold him and kiss him--things that we have waited for so long to do are just literally around the corner! I never thought this day would come and I'm so happy that we are going to be able to share in it together. I can't wait to start this new chapter in our lives--the first chapter of our family story--I just know that it will be amazing!


  1. I can't beleive it's here already either! I hope you meet him tomorrow and post photos ASAP!


  2. yay!! the big day is here!! I know you'll be calm and everything will go just how it is supposed to. can't wait to hear all the details and see photos!!

  3. I'm very anxious! Holding him will be so much more than you ever dreamed! We will be praying for you, Tony, and the little legacy...


  4. WOW! That went by fast! Good luck to you guys! It's going to be the best experience of your life! Induction is a process to say the least, so just rest when you can and if things don't progress, don't get down. It will all be in baby's time. You'll be holding that beautiful boy soon! You guys will be in my thoughts and prayers. Can't wait to hear the "story" and the arrival!


  5. What a great story. You are inspiring. I pray the best for both of you with your new baby. I love your site.