Thursday, December 2, 2010

Kidney Update-Corrected!

Owen had his follow-up ultrasound on Wednesday morning. The doctor was out of the office that day, so we were not able to get the results until this afternoon.....after I called of course! Unfortunately the news was not great. His kidney's appear to be growing well, but his left one is still "debilitated" as the nurse put it. So that means that he will have to go in for a renal scan on the 13th. During this test they will inject a dye into his system that will travel to the kidneys. Then they will take various pictures over the next 20 minutes or so to see how the dye moves and where the blockage/kink is....if there is something to see. Those results will determine what our next step will be. So, continue to keep him (and us) in your thoughts and prayers.

UPDATE: I called the nurse back because I didn't really like that they said his kidney was debilitated. Good thing, because it was Dilated! Which makes it not sound as bad:) It is working, but it still has some hydro-nephrosis due to a blockage, they believe. Hence the reason for the scan. I also scheduled an appt to talk with the doctor after the test instead of just waiting for a phone call. This way, Tony and I can both be there and ask questions together.

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  1. Absolutely - thanks for letting us know. And keep us posted!