Sunday, November 28, 2010

Swim Lessons

Our local YWCA offers swimming lessons, so we thought that we would give them a try. We asked Gramma if she would be interested in taking him one day during the week (she said yes) and then we take him on Saturday mornings. His first lesson was this Wednesday and daddy skipped out on work a little so that he could take him to his first one! I got to go and watch on Saturday. He really enjoys the water! Gramma and I snapped some pictures of his first 2 classes that I thought I would share:)

Wednesday Class Pictures
His 1st class! I think maybe he is enjoying himself:)

Sitting on the edge....well kind of:)

Saturday Class Pictures

Splashing on his tummy and swimming for his toy!

Finally getting to the toy.

Floating on his back.

Kicking away!

Very sleepy at the end (naptime!!)


  1. He looks like he is doing great and really enjoying himself! It's amazing how long he looks in the water!

  2. So fun! Can't wait to get Miles into lessons (especially if it will make him take a nap!).