Friday, November 5, 2010

11 Months and Tooth #8

I can't believe that 1 month from today we will be celebrating his 1st birthday.......

Teeth: Daddy forgot to inform me after bath time last night that tooth #8 had made an appearance! Gramma mentioned it today when I picked him up:)

Sleeping: We are still holding strong at 2 naps a day:) He continues to sleep through the night, until at least 6:15 which is much nicer than 5:00 on weekends!

Eating: He is still nursing/bottle/cup 4 times a day, although the weaning process has begun (but that is another post in itself!). He basically eats just about anything we are eating, sans anything that they ask to wait until at least a year of age due to allergies. He is a really good eater so far and is even doing better with his green veggies! He still loves yogurt and his new favorite fruit is grapes! He is very good at taking bites and not shoving food in his far:) I'm thinking about slowing starting to introduce some real milk into his bottles to help with the transition when he turns a year old. Probably within the next week or so we will start that and see how it goes.

Mobility: Well contrary to my last post, this section does not just say walking! He is definitely getting much better and braver. We estimated he walked about 15 feet or so last night. He is so funny because he always claps for himself when he reaches his destination~very humble:) I'm guessing that sooner rather than later he will just be walking all the time, but crawling is much more efficient for him at the moment:)

Talking: He is still doing LOTS of babbling. We are pretty sure that he says "Tasker" now, along with pointing at something he wants and saying "that". Usually it is something that he just wants to touch. We are working on lots of words and he is starting to try to repeat a lot of them. He is also getting pretty good at imitating animal sounds~he and daddy practice almost every night:) We haven't really added any new signs, still working on the main few that I mentioned in the last post: milk, all done, more. And of course he still loves waving "goodbye"....which is still my favorite part of the day, sans leaving him of course:)

and now.....PICTURES!

Having fun with Daddy and Tasker!

The library had a story time for babies in the month of October.
Gramma took him and he loved going!
There was one little girl who always tried to kiss him:)

Bath time! We usually end up soaked afterwards:)

Practicing with is horse....before the monster gate was installed:)

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