Wednesday, November 17, 2010

All By Himself

Well, I had this great plan to slowly wean Owen from breastfeeding. It had been going great, cutting out 1 feeding a week and replacing it with a cup (I decided what was the point in weaning to a bottle when I wanted that to go away by the time he was 1). So, on Monday afternoon I underwent a small medical procedure to fix a few things leftover from delivery. My mom offered to keep Owen overnight and bring him back Tuesday evening when I was feeling better. He didn't seem to miss a beat and nursed fine last night. This morning however he decided that he did not want to nurse. I tried every different trick, but he was not having it. No big deal, we put him in his chair and gave him a cup of milk (we have also slowly been introducing whole milk into his breastmilk/formula combo to help with the transition when he is one--didn't want it to be hard on his tummy) and some cheerios and he was happy as a clam. So, flash forward to tonight. He got his bath, read his stories, then even walked over to me sitting on the couch (our spot for nursing). I pulled him up and got him positioned and he started crying! I couldn't believe it! I tried a couple of times but we figured he had made up his mind. As soon as I walked into the kitchen where Tony was making his cup he was all happy.....So I'm pretty sure he just weaned himself! Not really sure how I feel about it all......but my little baby is definitely growing up!


  1. are you doing? It tugged on my heart a little when Adam started turning me down. Think back on your struggles starting out and you weren't sure you were going to be able to do it. Great job providing for him for so long!

  2. Babies are so funny. They just decide when they want to do things, don't they! Good for Owen. He knew he was ready (whether or not mama was). good work!