Sunday, November 21, 2010

B-day Celebration #1

Well, Owen had his first 1st Birthday celebration:) We had to do it early due to some travel/work schedules of some on my side of the family. We also celebrated my "Unky Don's" birthday too:) My Aunt Debbie always makes the cakes and this time she did a great job for his first was a Monkey Cake made out of cupcakes! We did light the candle, but didn't really get it close enough to him....we had a bad experience with one of my nephews (sorry Aunt Deb!!):) He did a good job, although he really wasn't too interested in the cake. He liked smashing it around in his fingers, but didn't really get into eating it. We wondered if he wasn't very hungry since it was shortly after dinner. It will be interesting to see how he does the next time around!

Monkey Cake! He even had balloons.

Owen and Aunt Deb with the cake.

Getting his fingers dirty....finally!

Squish, Squish!

Kind of getting into it with a little help from Daddy:)

Grandma tried with a spoon, but he was done:)

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  1. The cake is amazing. Way to go aunt Deb!

    How has it been a year already?! Happy Birthday, Owen!