Wednesday, June 22, 2011

ENT Appt

Owen finally saw the ENT on Friday of last week. We picked up Daddy on the way and headed over to the office. When we first saw the doctor he asked us a little about his history and why we had been referred after really only 1 ear infection. We told him how bad it had been and that we had to go through 3 antibiotics before it cleared....and he began to understand:) He checked his ears and he had fluid in his right one....which we knew about, but his left one was looking good. He wanted us to meet with his audiologist and have his hearing checked and then we could have a "discussion" about where we thought we needed to go after that. So we headed to the other side of the office.

When we met with the audiologist, she first checked how his ear drums were vibrating by giving him a little puff of air into each ear. His right ear was basically flat (fluid) and his left had a little movement, but not full range. I then went with him into the sound-proof booth and he sat on my lap. I had to look straight forward and not give any indication that I was hearing anything so as not to disrupt the test. She got a little bit out of him before his 18-month boy wiggles got the best of him...even with mommy trying to wrangle him:) We then headed back to meet with the doctor.

When the doctor returned he said that the audiologist thought he heard ok with some sounds but not so good with others. He also said that after reviewing his chart again (which is something I thought they were supposed to do before we came in for the visit!!) that his right ear drum had been registering "flat" for basically 3 months, so he thought we just needed to go straight to much for a discussion:) Tony and I agreed with him though. While he is talking, his words do not seem to be getting any clearer so we were beginning to wonder ourselves about how well he had been hearing lately. While we aren't too keen on the fact of him having to go under anesthesia, we do want him to be able to hear!

So then it was time to get the surgery scheduled....we headed off to meet with the scheduler. She went over everything with us and then when we started talking dates....the first one in which they could get him in was Aug. 11th! So I guess another 6 weeks of not being able to hear clearly is not too big of a deal.....we aren't too happy with that, but figured we better take what we could get! So hopefully now we can keep him ear infection free until Aug.....

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  1. Bummer. But I've heard amazing things about what a difference it can make. Hope the little peanut feels all better soon! We should make a park date sometime while you are on summer hours!