Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mow, Mow, Mow

Owen has added to his outside addiction....he is now enthralled by mowing. He loves to watch Tony mow.....or anyone else for that matter! If he hears someone in the neighborhood mowing, he points to the door and says "mow, mow, mow"! The boy's eardrums apparently don't have enough room to vibrate due to fluid...but he can definitely hear when a mower is running!

A few weeks ago we went to a cookout at a friends house and they had a couple of play mowers...and he was in heaven! The next day we went out and bought him the bubble mower. We waited a few weeks before we put bubbles in it...but he could care less about the bubbles! If he is outside, he is mowing:) He prefers to mow the sidewalk because it is easier to push, but when Daddy is outside mowing, he wants to be in on the action! Tony asked if they made mowers for kids that actually worked....he thought it would help cut down on his work:) The last time we were outside, I snapped a few pictures of him in action.....

Helping Daddy out....on the part he already mowed:)

Ugh....its hard to push in the grass!

Ok, I'm right behind you dad....

Wait up! Did I mention it's a little hard to push in the grass!

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