Tuesday, July 5, 2011

First Family Trip

We took our first family trip this last weekend. We went to Chicago and had a blast! I tried to decide if I wanted to do a few smaller posts or one big one, but the one big one won:) So I picked a few pictures from each of our "excursions" and thought that I would share how it all went!

Owen loved the hotel! We joked that we could have saved a lot of money and just got a hotel here in town! Luckily Tony knows a girl who works at the hotel we were staying at (the same one we stayed at 2 years ago when I was just newly pregnant) and she was able to upgrade our room....we were really excited when they told us it was a loft! We had two separate rooms that we could pull curtains closed in between....so when he needed to go to bed we could put him in the other room and still have a 2nd room all to ourselves. He slept great too....so that was a plus as well! The only downside...hotel rooms are not toddler proof!

He loved standing in the window and looking at the things below! He was very excited when he discovered he could do it himself....not so much for mommy and daddy!

There were some pretty big storms that came through Chicago on Thursday night. Luckily we made it back to the hotel just before they started! On Friday morning, we saw the aftermath on our run down Lakeshore....the storms were still brewing on the Lake, but we managed to stay dry in the city for the most part.

A tree along Lakeshore that was struck by lightening and was laying across the path!

A picture of us on our run/walk. Tony would run one way and I would walk to Navy Pier....then I would turn and run the other way and he would meet me at the cross-under to go back to the hotel.

Owen and the Hancock Building!

A picture of Owen and some of the crazy clouds over the Lake.

Later on Friday we took Owen to his first Cubs game. We rode the train there and Owen loved it! Every time it stopped at a stop, he would say "more, more." We weren't sure how he would do at the game, but overall we were pretty impressed! The seat next to us was open, so I was able to move over and give him his own seat and a little room to move around. We got up after every couple of innings and walked around a bit. He was definitely getting tired by the end and he finally gave it up around the 8th inning!

Waiting for the train.

A picture in front of the marquee. Not the best, but we didn't want to be picky when asking strangers to take the picture!

The view from our seats.

Hot Dogs! His favorite...he ate almost 3/4 of it!

Daddy introduced him to peanuts in the shell!

After he finally gave it up:)

Riding the train on the way home....there was a little more room to move around then!

On Saturday we headed to do a little shopping and then to Navy Pier. We did a sightseeing boat tour around the Lake and Owen road the little train and the carousel. He had a great time even though it was 100 degrees outside!

A picture of us on the boat tour.

Owen and mommy on the carousel:)

Drinking mommy's Jamba Juice! I could barely get it back from him! He's lucky I shared at all.....they are my favorite!
Overall it was a great trip! We were very impressed with our little guy, especially since his nap schedule was a little messed up! We're pretty sure he enjoyed himself too....he didn't make it out of downtown before he was asleep on Saturday! We're looking forward to our next trip together as a family:)

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