Monday, July 11, 2011

Cycle Update

So, I thought I would update everyone with where we are in our current cycle. I have been on Dex (steroid), Lupron (drug that makes your body only respond to meds and not what it usually does) and Lovenox (blood thinner) since the end of June. Tonight I start my Follistim (egg stimulating medicine) and then on Wednesday I start Menopur (medicine to help the eggs mature). I go in on Friday to have my intralipid infusion (medicine to quiet my natural killer cells) and then on Monday I go in for my first monitoring appointment. It will be sometime later next week when my egg retrieval will be scheduled and then 3-5 days after that I will have my embryo transfer. It is all kind of surreal that we are going through all of this again.....

One change that has been made in my protocol is that I am back on Menopur. I was on this drug my first two cycles and the thought was that maybe it wasn't the best combo for my it "overcooked" them or something. They changed me to the drug Luveris on our cycle that gave us I kind of like Luveris better! However, there is a new doctor at the clinic and he does not believe that there is anything wrong with Menopur, so he is putting me on it for this cycle. I did question him on it, but he gave a very convincing argument as to why he felt that it was not any different than I'm on it again. I guess we will see how or if it will change anything for us this cycle....

So that is where we are....


  1. I applaud your openness and honesty - thank you for sharing!

  2. Good Luck and keeping you in my prayers. Julie May