Friday, July 8, 2011

Trying Again?

The short answer.....yes:) Tony and I have decided to go through IVF again to try and give Owen a sibling. We made the decision a couple of months ago and only shared with a few mom: because she would need to help extra with watching Owen for a couple of weeks while we went through the retrieval and transfer again and my coworkers: because it was going to directly conflict with an upcoming training that I was to be a part of. For a long time, those were the only people who knew and we were going to keep it that way.....but then it became apparent that we weren't going to be able to keep it quiet throughout the duration of the cycle. I am currently signed up for the July cycle and I started my shots about 10 days ago. So far things have been going ok, although I am out of practice with the shots and have left huge bruises all over my stomach and legs....hence the reason why we could not keep the cycle secret:) We went boating with some friends on July 4th and there was going to be no explaining away all the bruises, so we fessed up!

A little back story: We met with Dr. H at SIRM back in May. We had to have all of our testing redone, which all came back as well as could be expected. He is going to change a few things up with this cycle...mostly the same meds, but he is not as strong of a believer in all of the supplements and such so we are not taking those this time. I will again use this blog to update my progress through the seems to be the easiest way of informing everyone. For those of you who are FB friends....I won't be posting about it there...too big of a forum for us. We're excited, nervous, and scared about this but are looking forward to the possibility of another baby:)


  1. Awesome, Jenny!! This makes me happy!

  2. It's nice that with all of the history we have, I don't have to say much and we just know. I'll probably email you to ask what you thought about Dr. H.

    Super excited for you, too!

  3. good for you guys! i hope your trio becomes a quartet and will be sending good thoughts and prayers.